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Purnima Thakran, MD, Ph.D. / negligence

1 18387 US Highway 18 # 1, Apple Valley, CA‎ Apple Valley, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (760) 242-0111‎

Mrs. Thakran is a very negligent person. She is a person who cares more about getting as many patients in as possible rather than taking her time to adequately address the needs of every patient. In my case, I used to take my elderly grandmother to Thakran's office until I discovered that she was impatient with her, some of the regular comments she would make were "HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO EXPLAIN THAT TO YOUR GRANDMOTHER?!" in an angry tone, or " Why did you go to the hospital? Dont you know that it's people like you that are bankrupting the medicare system!?" She was extremely upset that I took my grandmother to the hospital after we believed her ankle to be broken or sprained. She never listens to what the patient says, she just wants to charge medicare for as many patients as possible. My poor sweet old grandmother has been traumatized by Thakran and her evil mannerisms that we have trouble visiting with regular doctors now. Find a better neurologist than Purnima Thakran.

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  • Ca
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Having suffered through a few appointments with Dr. Thakran myself, I can COMPLETELY understand where the above complaintant is coming from. Dr. Thakran is very abrasive and has very poor bedside manners. She told me that she was obligated to contact DMV to have my license suspended for the seizure disorder she suspected I had. She kept me waiting for test (and results) for nearly two months and then seemed impatient with ME when I approached her with my justified frustration. After two months of the waiting game and being home bound (no driving), I find out suprising news. A second opinion showed NO seizure disorder AND she never contacted DMV ... my license had been intact the whole two months! I could have screamed! My anger left me wanting to throw rocks through her windows but I'm not that kind of person. I'll take the higher road and campaign against her in a legal manner. I'll post on boards like this, put articles in local papers, and perhaps seek legal consult. She just shouldn't be in business. Simple as that. NOBODY deserves to be treated in such a disrespectful and neglectful manner. Shame on her. DO NOT SEE THAKRAN!

  • Un
      1st of Nov, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I wholeheartedly agree. Dr. Thakran is the WORST doctor on so many levels that I've ever seen.

    She berated me for "failine" drugs she had no business trying to make me take. Her drugs made me suicidal, very depressed and non-functional. And then she had the gall to try to make me take them longer.

    She did a nerve conduction test. I've had two of these before and they never drew blood and they didn't hurt for hours afterwards. Dr. Thakran was smiling as she stuck the needles in too far. I was bleeding like a stuck pig and she just stood there with her sick smile. It's not hard to imagine her as one of Adolf Hitler's research scientists.

    Dr. Thakran ordered expensive tests that had been done within a year. The results were exactly the same. Once she ran up the bill as much as she could, she dismissed me.

    This woman is downright abusive. At 51, I don't appreciate being spoken to as a child. Even her staff is afraid of her. They got after me to get a certain blood test because, "you know how she is when things don't go her way. She'll start screaming."

    If you need real and professional care, go a few doors east to another, more qualified, humane neuro. Dr. Thakran is just plain mean. She hate's everyone except her fellow contrypersons.

  • Fl
      5th of Jun, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I would have to agree with everyone here. She is a completely horrible person. She lacks the utter compassion that is required in being a doctor. She is an extremely rude/arrogant human being that does not do her job very well at all. On one occasion she had stated to me that she was going to have my license suspended for no less than one year. After a year and a half was up I came back asking her if she could call the DMV to have my license reinstated only to find out that she had never called them in the first place. On a different occasion she had placed me on an very high dosage of morphine 120mg. As everyone knows this is a highly addictive drug that can easily be misused. Narcotics such as these need to be started off at a slower amount *30-60 mg* and generally increased in an attempt to avoid overdosing. It even says that on the prescription label. I of course took this seriously and stated myself off slower. As much as 60mg is enough to knock me out for the greater portion of the day, never-mind the fact that I needed to work. I had been back and forth from her office multiple times having multiple tests done. On another occasion I went to have a NCS test done only to leave sore, bleeding, and on the verge of passing out. She is always quick to cut her patients off in the middle of their sentences which leads to her misdiagnoses and more problems she can belittle during the next visit. I cannot count how many times I have been rushed out of her office after waiting for a generous amount of time to even see her. She stands up and starts making her way to the door before I can even finish telling her what I drove an hour and a half to see her for. In and out in 5 minutes or less. If you are looking for a good neurologist, Dr. Thakran is not for you. Believe me. No one deserves to be treated the way she treats her patients.

  • Co
      28th of Oct, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I proceed to tell her i was not angry about the 2 hr wait (she was late to the office) however i was upset about her rushing through both my boys test results just found out that visit my youngest has a seizure condition. She yelled and cussed at me while i sat silent. Interrupted me every time it was my turn to speak. Then made me feel inadequate for only having Medi-Cal. Lost papers on cardio test and denied ever requesting that test, then accused me of seeing another Dr behind her back. Lastly said threatened to press harassment charges when I never raised my voice I only wanted answers about my children.

  • Th
      10th of May, 2012
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    I would have to agree with all the complaints above, Ive had the oppurtunity to see two other neurologest, one before her and one while under her care. unfortuntly I cant see either one now, This so called Dr is the most disrespectful Dr.that I have ever met, I also had the nerve test done and my wife was there to witness the whole thing, when I made the first appointment I was told that if I took anything for pain I needed to make sure to take pleanty of it before I got there because it was a painfull proceediure I had no clue how or what pain was untill she jam the needles so far in to my mussles that they struck bone, She had no reguard for me as a human what so ever, Then She ordered 20 different
    blood test to be taking with in a 3 hr time slot, I was litterly white from the blood loss and had to driive myself home.
    A month later when I finally saw her again she put me on 3 different medications and none of them was for what I had went to see her for in the first place.Today I went to see her after 3 cancellation on her part and ask Her to fill out my supplimental medical slip for state disability that I turn into her 3 weeks ago and she threw a fit, saying that all I was after was a check! I never wanted to be placed on disibility in the first place Ive worked all my life I love to work all I wanted was to have my hands fixed and this so called Dr treated me like a piece of garbage. all I can hope for is that she spends all of her enteral life in the hell that she has put her paintince through.

  • Rd
      14th of May, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I have to agree with all the complaints above. I didn't like what the doc did today. I just went in for an appointment with my mom. all she did was give meds to my mom. I didn't really like that so I was asking her about medicinal marijuana like cause I have a serious brain injury and my insides were hurting because of the medications she was giving us. she wouldn't let my mom talk so we said what we had to say. she called backup like a second later saying we were yelling and screaming. I was like who the [censored] was screaming then some guy was telling us that he apologizes for her behavior all this and that. to be honest the guy sounded more of a doctor haha then we said we were making a complaint then she was all saying she wanted to call the cops so we left. I would not recommend this doctor. I was the one with the injuries and she acts like that. that's a doctor im never going back to>:(

  • Di
      14th of May, 2013
    +1 Votes

    The reason she ask you to leave because she will not deal with dope heads like you asking for medicinal marijuana.

  • Te
      9th of Apr, 2015
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    This doctor has no bedside manner whatsoever. Not only is she aggressive, intimidating, threatening, and full of herself, she actually had the nerve to be angry with my mom because she was hard of hearing. This doctor will not let you get a word in at all, and will belittle you, berate you and yell at you for asking a question. My god I have Never encountered someone so horrid. She assumes by the second word you've spoken and will go off on you if she thinks you were about to question HER, I was literally in tears saying i'm only hypersensitive when someone is yelling at me for asking a question. She threatened to get me fired as a caretaker because I was 'hypersensitive' Really? Me being yelled at because you assume something would make anyone a bit sensitive! No wonder she has a 1.5 rating! Went off on me and wouldn't even calm down when my mom asked her to. She was so unbelievably horrid. This won't let me write the 2 page review i'd like where I can go into specifics.. but be assured you will NOT enjoy your visit with her. How can someone ignore real questions based on assumptions, and still get work? I'm sorry but if you can't be heard for a long time and then answer ONE question without interrupting and going off an a tangent, you shouldn't be working with other people. My mom has hypertension, had strokes, and has high blood pressure... she could have made her have a stroke the way she was acting. When we got home she needed an anxiety pill! So we changed to a new neurologist, and the nurse at my moms hospital said she took HER mom in and Dr Thakran called her -not overweight- mom "fat" and belittled her so badly they caused a scene and stormed out. I was trying to keep my cool for the sake of my mom... Never will I set foot in that horrid 'doctor's office again.

  • Hu
      24th of Feb, 2016
    +3 Votes

    There are so many things to be said in just one visit to this office. The lack of professionalism extends throughout the office, but stems from a source, the main doctor, Purnima Thakran. This doctor was rude in every sense of the word, and did not want to hear any of our concerns my wife had of her symptoms, of which we were seeing a neurologist for. This doc assumed everything she came up with, resulting in wanting to test for carpel tunnel, sleep apnea due to her snoring which she very rarely does and only during a cold/stuffy nose, yet this doctor stated her snoring is a problem.
    To just use this text space wisely for anyone who had a similar bad experience as I and many had, I must say...
    Report this doctor to the Medical Board of California. Simply google "california medical board complaint information"
    Read how to submit a proper complaint and let them review your case. Enough of these will result in actions proper for such a horrible doctor such as Purnima Thakran. Being told by medical providers to improve patient care after complaints are submitted to them are not going to fully work, so report to the medical board, but do report to your Medical Providers first anyway. And if you know of anyone seeking a neurologist, advise them to steer clear of this office! I state all this not to defame this doctor but as a public service to avoid further victims of her mistreatment. Also, if you happen to be overweight for whatever reason, even if it is out of your control, medically caused, then expect to be insulted about being obese, as she will throw it in your face in several ways. This is not a dietitian, yet she will seem like it for part of her 10 minute medical assessment rant where you will not have the chance to speak your concerns. This doctor truly requires professional help herself and does not belong anywhere near providing any medical care for seriously ill patients. She can, and I assure you, will cause more harm than care. We will never return to this doctor, and I hope those reading this will think twice before seeing her. There's so much more to say, but, all I can say is... wow!! ...lost for words

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