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Publish America would probably publish any manuscript past 20 pages long. I wrote a decent book once. It is true that it cost me nothing up front. But all of the sales and marketing falls upon the author. They were no help at all. My initial order of books was at a great discount. Then all further orders kept going up and up in price until it didn't make any sence to order again. You cannot sell a 120 page book for $19.95! I would have had to do that to make .60 per copy. (compared to my first order when I could make a profit of $3.90. per unit, and also sell the book for $9.95. Fortunately I had my own music store to sell them through. But in the long run it was very hard to make a good profit. And this is really why you want to write, not just to see your name in print. If I ever write again, I will spend more time searching out a more reputable publisher! I hope this helps any future authors!

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  • Ah
      27th of May, 2012

    I too have been scammed by Publish America. I wrote my book in 2010, I along with at least 100 of my friends and family bought my book and I ended up seeing no royalties. They simply told me that my book didn't sell anything. My book is also way over priced. My book is on barnes and noble's website for $24.95 when I can pick up the new Nicholas Sparks book for $11.99. I am very interested in going together to file a class action lawsuit or something to at least get money I'm owed and my rights back. Please contact me if anyone is doing so... [protected]

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  • Ji
      28th of Nov, 2012

    I found this on another listing on this website. If you have been deceived by Publish America, there is a lawsuit filed by Hagens, Bergman, Sobel, Shapiro, LLP.
    Contact Info: [protected]

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