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Public Storage / illegal storage unit auction

El Mar 4, 2014
Contact information:
Phone: 703-549-2049

I had a 10' X 20' unit from about October, 2010 to August, 2012. They illegally auctioned my unit on 8/30/2012. It was illegal because they never sent me any notice (postcards, registered or certified letters, etc.) to let me know they were doing it. They are now trying to play hardball and not settle with me-they think that by not responding I'll go away. Please be aware that they have many individual and class-action lawsuits (property, employment, etc.) going on around the US. If you were a victim of a shady auction, check your state's Self-Storage Laws and make sure they complied with every one. Chances are they did not. You have a right to sue them for the full monetary and replacement value of your unit if they broke the law.

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