Psi Testingunprofessional / computer robot

Dp Feb 11, 2015

I've been a contractor for 48 years and tested and licensed in 5 other states. . I had to take the contractors test for utah. . . Psi had no human contact. . . All access by phone message robot spent 4 hours on phone waiting for human. So important questions. So i took test and found. . . Trap questions, questions which were not word framed correctly, "more than one right answer"; many question asked about measurements for certain areas but the question did not provide important specific instructions as to what was the areas were that were referred to in the question. Really, lots of double entendre. They do not provide any onsite test room question support of those specific intent test questions. . . Test proctor can not talk or comment or explain any questions and provides no solutions. The printed questions and much of the test plan drawings were written in 3 or 4 confusing script types, as well as printed below recommended ada font size for normally accepted general comprehension purpose bring a magnifying glass. Questions require your great short term memory of specif code numbers know your bible & verse memorization. Most of the required knowledge within the questions were immaterial and outdated. . Often the trade questions related to archaic historic trades like chimney construction. . Finally psi is impossible to reach for scheduling and retesting questions. . They have been designed to avoid public contact. . . There fore criminal customer service. . . “power is not a means; it is an end. ” ― george orwell, 1984

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