Protective Asset Protection / gap insurance

We had a total loss GAP claim on Dec 25, 2015 and they shorted the amount by nearly $500 and they refuse to explain or give documentation HOW they came up with the numbers. first they tried to say we were 2 months behind which was not true, then they said its an 'internal document' here we are 4.5 months later and the bank has it on our credit reports and I have all the documents sent to Protective and have contacted the bank and no one can tell me where they numbers come from. This place is a fraud, they had all the documents they needed and took months to get a payment out, I want them to pay the full amount of the claim as was given to them from the back with the payoff amount of $3, 697.87 submitted by our credit union on jan 13 2016.

Apr 17, 2016

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