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Do not enlist your company to process credit cards through Process America out of California. They charge 10-20% "reserve" funds for 270 days, as stated in their contract. Once their 270 day period is up they will not release your funds no matter how big or how small this has added up to. Go with a larger, more legitimate company that follow through on the contract that you arrange with them. Plenty of other larger companies release your funds without even hassling them for it. I know of a company that clsoed 18 months ago (twice the contract period) and they are still giving the run around of why they will not release even one red penny. Not only do they gouge you with rates of apprx 5% then they charge an additional reserve of 10-25% that is supposed to be somewhat of a savings account for you or your company and they fraudelantly will keep that as well. Why take the chance? Use a real company. offshore merchants have a better chance of returning your funds than these crooks!!!

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  • Si
      Jul 08, 2010

    I've used Process America before and THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE WORST credit card processor on the planet!! They are a bunch of lying thieves!! Yes, they will promise you the world and then keep all of your F'ing money...If you use this company currently, do yourself a favor and STOP NOW! and if you're even just thinking about using them...well, you're a complete idiot!! I hope this helps someone...

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  • Pr
      Feb 02, 2012

    Process America its run by Craig Rickard. He is a Thief. He makes many promises to pay and never pays. He's a ### and no one should do business with Process America. They will steal your money, and lie.

    Craig Rickard from Process America is a convicted felon:

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  • Sh
      Feb 10, 2012

    SIMI VALLEY : 3 Men Arrested on Drug Charges
    Ventura County News Roundup June 28, 1991|RHONDA NOWAKThree Simi Valley men were being held Thursday in Ventura County Jail on suspicion of possessing and selling cocaine, authorities said.

    Craig Rickard, 26, Martin Schulz, 21, and Kurtis Hulsebus, 21, were arrested by Ventura County sheriff's detectives Wednesday after 2.2 pounds of cocaine was found in their possession, Sheriff's Sgt. Gary Pentis said.

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  • Process America is a registered ISO of MERRICK BANK, PREVIOUS HARRIS BANK they are running a fraudulent enterprise, The scam consists of placing a 20% reserve for any credit card transation to cover potential losses for high risk business, but if for any reason your business is shut down they must by the credit card association rules release those funds after 9 months of the account closure., but in process america's case they wont release a penny, it seems that CRAIG RICKARD is living a lavish life style off his closed EX CLIENT'S account's reserve. Apparently processing credit cards is not CRAIG RICKARD main business, obviously stealing his client's reserve is more profitable. At this point several EX angry clients are filling a class action lawsuit against CYNERGY DATA and PROCESS AMERICA to recover the stolen money tjhat CRAIG RICKARD collected over the years. Some clients went even further they are seeking the FTC help to assist them against PROCESS AMERICA DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICE. I hope somebody at MERRICK BANK, HARRIS BANK or the CREDIT CARD ASSOCIATION read this and put a stop on this SCAM. We also made a background check on CRAIG RICKARD and according to police records he was arrested on drug possesion back on 1991. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH PROCESS AMERICA, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR RESERVE!!!

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  • Sa
      May 03, 2012

    I have been with Process America for years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the company and its owner Craig Rickard. They are on top of their game. The customer service is fantastic and the risk dept. is always on their toes when it comes to anything questionable, and whatever the issue is it is solved same day.

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