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Proactiv started shipping boxes to us in May. We thought they were samples. The insert in the envelope says 'not a bill'. My husband took them to the local high school. Then after the 4th shipment, we called and found out our credit card had been billed $133.97. This product was never ordered.

My husband and I are retirement age and never suffered from acne and have no children at home. Proactiv claims we ordered the product on a specific date - which happened to be my birthday and we were not even in town. Seems to be a total fraudulent activity - maybe someone gets a commission for placing orders?? No idea but be very wary of this company.

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  • Ca
      Apr 12, 2010

    I made an initial order with Proactive and was charged March 11th 2010 in the amount of 29.95 and received my package March 15th. Two weeks later a charge was made to my account in the amount of 37.94 for an additional package that I did not request. I immediately called on March 30th to see why I would be charged for another shipment two weeks after my initial shipment. I was informed that the charge was for a shipment that I should receive in2- 3 weeks. Note: On my invoice the information indicates that I should be charged for a club membership shipment the week of April 5, 2010. However the invoice also states that because I ordered online that I would need to go to the proactive website to activate my club membership account. I informed the representative that I never signed up or activated the automatic shipments. The representative told me that I should not have been charged and that the charge would be cancelled, the membership would be cancelled and no further charges would be posted to my account. She informed me that if the shipment was delivered to simply return to sender. On April 8th I saw that Proactive had charged my account again for 37.94 and I called customer service. The representative assured me that that this was a preauthorization and that the charge should not post to my account. IT POSTED TO MY ACCOUNT. This charge resulted in my rent check being returned and me being assessed the following fees: overdraft from the bank, late fee from the rental company, and a return check fee from the rental company.

    I called two times to speak to representatives (Jared and Sally) to avoid this situation and each time I was assured that no charges would be posted to my account. In both calls I requested to speak to a supervisor but was not put through to a supervisor because the representative assured me that the situation was handled and I would not receive any charges. On March 9th after the charges were posted and my account was overdrawn I was finally connected to speak to a supervisor (after 3 unsuccessful attempts). The Supervisor told me that a refund for the 37.94 was put in on April 8th after my last phone call to them disputing the charge and I should see that refund reflected on my account in 5-7 days. I informed the supervisor (Dawn) that the problem is that I was told two separate times that my account would not be charged and it was charged and this charge resulted in my account being overdrawn. The supervisor told me that I could fax in a billing dispute detailing the situation. I am writing this letter on April 9th after getting off the phone with your representatives. I have been charged two times for a shipment that I never requested and as of today have still never received.

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      Apr 13, 2010


    We're sorry you had this frustrating experience. We'd like to see what we can do to help you resolve it. Please email our corporate customer service team at customerservice(at) with your account number OR your full name and zip code so we can look into your account directly. Please include a link to this post and ATTN: RENEE in your email to ensure your case is handled quickly.

    Thank you.

    Corrie (Proactiv USA)

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  • Bu
      Jan 11, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. I cancelled them in May and they told me that I was "cancelled". So I wasn't worried about it. Then, they send me a yellow envelope from North Shore Agency that said that they had sent me to collections for forty-five dollars for a shipment in JUNE that I NEVER recieved because I had CANCELLED my account. I call them immediately after I recieve the notice and they proceed to tell me I never cancelled my account. That I only removed my credit card. So they said they had automatically shipped me a package.. THAT I THOUGHT I CANCELLED... and than charged me for it. I spent an hour on the phone with them talking to two managers that proceeded to tell me that they couldn't do anything about it. I paid those greedy mother [censored]G scammers and told them that I recorded the phone call and I want my information deleted from their systems and if they ever contact me through phone, email, or mail I will sue them for harrassement. By the way you might want to call them up and tell them to delete all of your information as well because they sell your info. FULL OF SCAMMERS. Gunthy Renker I hope you and your company rott in hell for the bull S**T scams you create. Robbing innocent people for a product that doesn't work.

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  • Ra
      Jan 24, 2011

    Please do not order from this guys
    They just take all the money they can out of your account without your concent

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  • Gi
      Mar 15, 2013

    Just today I was sent a box in the mail stating they charged my acct of 21.30.. now I'm 12.00 negative in my checking acct. I've never ordered from these people before and don't know how they got my acct number?. So, I had them send me a new card and Proactive WILL NOT be getting the box they sent me back. I will keep it for the the frustration they have put me through.

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