Prize Research Intelligence Agency / $2,342,000,00 prize funds

1 PO Box 527800, Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

this company should realize that with the country in the state it's in that these empty promises that they give hurts these poeple that they promise and god knows the u.s. isn't going to help with the scams but they'll sell your address to these poeple along with your names first and last so they can make money not giving two ### that their going to scam poeple this is the country we live in the U.S is going to heck and we're just along for the ride what a wonderful place we live in I for one hate to see us like this but what are you going to do if things don't change and soon there's going to be riots in the street and a person blamming our leader

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  • Po
      15th of Mar, 2011

    This is not a scam, as they do exactly what they say. The catch is that the letter is written in such a way that leads you to believe that you have won a substantial amount of money but if you read it carefully, you will find that it does not say that you have won anything. In fact, it says the opposite. On the back of the letter is the fine print (or in this case, hidden print), in which it says, "THIS NOTIFICATION IS NOT A WINNER'S NOTICE...PRIA" (Prize Research Intelligence Agency) "DOES NOT AWARD AND/OR HOLD CASH PRIZES OF ANY SORT." So first of all, read every word of every side of every page enclosed in the letter and if you are still unsure, contact the establishment so that you know exactly what you're getting into before you send any kind of payment.

    What this establishment does is provide you with a newsletter that lists sweepstakes that do not require a purchase (free) to enter. They are merely letting you know about sweepstakes of which there is a possibility of winning. They NEITHER distribute winnings or hold sweepstakes, NOR do they state that they do.

    They mislead you by making you believe that you have won in order to get you to sign up but if you read everything, they state exactly what they do. It's not new; people have been using this technique for a long time and it is legal. They do not lie. The information is there - you just have to look for it.

    In conclusion, if you want to get information about sweepstakes that you can enter for free then pay the fee and receive the newsletter. If not, throw the letter away. So many people get duped into things because they don't read or research something before they do it. One thing that may help in the future is this: Be wary of anything that asks you to pay a fee to recieve winnings or that asks for credit card numbers, bank account information, or too much personal information. Also, if it's too good to be true...

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  • Am
      28th of Mar, 2011

    I keep getting these letters also, I was wondering if this was for real, I kinda didn't think so. Thank for the info everybody

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  • Sa
      14th of Aug, 2011
    Prize Intellegence Agency - Wants twenty dollars to send me a prize of 2, 536, 092. 23
    5015 co. rd. 71
    United States

    Sounds really good but i know its a scam.

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  • Ma
      1st of Oct, 2011

    This is sooooo wrong!!! How can our government let ### like this go through the mail. Thank GOD I have more sense then to believe in this. But there are so many people out there who are trusting and fall for this ### !!!

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