Princess Cruise Linesexperience on star princess during cruise to hawaii 11/19/18 thru 12/04/18

I was on the Star Princess during the dates listed above. I had booked a Club Class mini suite which came with various privileges, one of which was to be able to dine anytime without waiting. This privilege is advertised extensively on your website. On four separate occasions, I was asked to wait to get a table at dinnertime. It seems to me that if you advertise a no waiting policy, you should have enough tables to cover all of the passengers who are entitled to those privileges. I paid a lot of money for that privilege and you were not able to meet your responsibility. I feel that I am entitled to a refund for the additional cost of the Club Class accommodation.

Then to make matters worse, the Head Waiter was very rude about it. It was on the fourth occurrence of being asked to wait that my husband and I and another couple that we were travelling with became irate. The waiter then proceeded to tell us that we were putting him in a bad mood. When we started to walk out, he told us to sit at an empty table which should have been assigned to one of the 4 other couples who were waiting. Of course we wouldn't take the table as that would have been very unfair to the other people, We did leave and went to the Lido instead but we were disappointed not to be able to eat in the Club Class dining room.

Earlier in the voyage, the other couple and we booked the same cruise for next year, but if this is how our experience is going to be, then I will consider cancelling that cruise.

I would appreciate a response from you with details of the actions you take to alleviate this problem.

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