Prestige Portraits / Graduation portraits

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Portraits received were not cropped as done on proof resulting in my son's hair being missing. After 45 minutes on hold, I was told I was calling the US number instead of the Canadian number (even though that is what was on my invoice). I then had to call the new number provided and be on hold again. Finally, I was told that their lab is not skilled enough to crop the photo the way it was on the proof.

I could reorder if I want to send back the pictures (which were only 2 - 5" by 7" pictures).

It seems to me that this company wants all the inconvenience for their errors to be on my part. Really...? I need to send back 2 sheets of photos? It seems to me after all that time on hold, the incorrect contact number, and the poor photo printing, they could just send 2 sheets of photos without any further inconvenience on my end.

I am posting this so people who do their research can see the poor customer service provided by this company.

May 4, 2017

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