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I paid this company $999.00 to modify my loan. I received a GUARANTEE of money back if this company did not perform. THEY DID NOT! They outsourced all their calls, were negligent in communication skills. The employees I SPOKE WITH were named Dawn Underwood, Austin Greene, Ryan Peske, unless of course these names were all as phony as the company. Also a man named RICK, an Emma and a FLO.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in aguora hills, CA I NOW cannot get thru to this company via email, fax or phones. This company is NOT LISTED in databases of 411 or 555-1212 for information. I understand the owner of this company is BRIAN PASCAL and we all need to get together and MAKE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on this man/company for ALL MONIES DUE & OWING US! Feel free to contact me at [protected]! I AM FURIOUS! WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED at a very delicate time. We are all SUFFERING!

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  • Js
      Aug 24, 2010

    To all posting here...I'm working with a large group of people to develop information for a class-action lawsuit against Premier Legal Advocates and the owner. Please contact me at [protected] to be added to the list and get additional information. Thanks.


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  • Ch
      Aug 24, 2010

    I'll be in touch with both email contacts above. I was in the middle of requesting a refund for the same reasons and have not been able to contact the company for the past month!! I'm out almost $3, 000!! My contact: [protected]
    please label subject premier legal advocates when trying to contact me so I can find your email out of all the junk mail I receive. Thank you!!

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  • De
      Dec 28, 2010

    WE ALL need to band together & start sending individual complaints to each & EVERY atty general in each of state of where everyone has been scammed. I just spoke t atty general office of PA who informed me that they are still working on this & need more complaints. I am at the mercy of each & everyone of you to work together & send your letters. My husband is suffering stage 4 throat cancer, I just completed a bankruptcy, withdrew every dollar possible from retirement accounts, annuity accts, etc. & my husband needs another surgery & I can't even pay the medical insurance at this point. Please send all your complaints to Office of Aty General of PA/Bureau of consumer protection/21 south 12th str/2nd floor/philadelphia, pa [protected]. And everyone please post address of your atty general so that IN NUMBERS we can fight this, stand together & strong & get this son of a ### & everyone of his false employees to be prosecuted & forced to pay back every dollar PLUS pain & suffering we have endured for their heartless, ignorant, illegal & disgusting actions! Lets go group! There is mail fraud involved & abuse of elderly on this scam Brian Pascal concocted! Lets go group! We are a TEAM & WE WILL STAND TOGETHER & start gettin these letters to each & every atty general of each & everystate! I am depending on us to go forward! Lets get action!!!

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