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Have not been to the site since June of 2006 - paid for a full year of membership in April of 2006. they keep on trying to get money from my credit card and send harrassing mail for money that they clame I owe. I have told them that I do not wish to enter there establishment again.

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  • Mh
      Apr 23, 2009

    I had a 1 yr. membership coming out of my bank account for $18.11 every two weeks ( $36.22mth) and finally contract ended and I went in to place personally to cancel in writing. Then two more payments for said amount came out of my account. I made numerous phone calls to the Bunting road St. Catharines management and no phone calls were returned. I even threatened legal action. I am still waiting four days later for some action. It kindof was my own fault, as I was far warned that Premier Fitness was notorious for taking $$$$ that was no longer theirs. I'm glad I caught it when I did cause I'm sure they would have taken and taken . I recommend to anybody wanting to join this establishment that they think it through because they will rip you off!!! To add an insult to injury my husband was in a car accident and put on disability and I called them to cancel aggreement as we couldn't afford it and they laughed at us and we'll see you in court. I have signed contrant of cancellation date, bank books when $$ came out and have no remorse in writing this letter and warning the public, Signed Mark Hutchinson

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  • X0
      Sep 04, 2009

    It is sept 4 2009 and I just recieved today a letter of extortion from premier saying I owe them $910.66!!!
    And they are going to report this to a credit reporting ageny unless I pay on Aug 28 2009...
    (NOTE I just got the letter sept 4 2009)
    I had a one year memebership with them 8 YEARS AGO!!! which I paid monthly from my bank account.
    After the one year I cancelled my memebership in writing and put a stop payment on any further payments from my bank account.
    I have the same account all these years later.
    The scam letter states I owe them this money because of an invalid bank account!!!
    I want to know if they can report this false information to a credit agency and ruin my credit without my social insurance number and a valid contract from 8 years ago?

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  • Ex
      Feb 18, 2010

    Its unfortunate that this company even exists. Its owned by 2 of the wealthiest ppl in the Country so money talks. As a fomer employee there too, I know first hand the bull crap that this place has.

    You literally need 2 months WROTTEN notice to cancel anything. Pay for the stop payments, do what you can do to stop any payments from your end.. casue goodness, they wont.

    Thier hottubs are dirty filthy, no one checks them. They just forge the stats. CALL PUBLIC HEALTH!!

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  • Bm
      Jun 15, 2011

    I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident unfortunately. I tried arranging an appointment to discuss my options because I am not physically able to exercise anymore. My appointment was cancelled 4 times until finally I had to go in and talk with Neil the owner. He was very misleading with his interest in my abilities and wrote in paper that we would seize payments and membership until I am physically capable. It has been 2 months and there has been no change and every time I try to contact him or a representative I am lied to or made felt powerless to this companies hold on people. It is sad that I cant work and provide for myself and family yet this company continues to take away any money I have left for food to buy fancy cars and suits for themselves.

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