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Premier Dead Sea Products / Can't Return the Products/Scam

1 Columbus, United States Review updated:
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I was approached by a sales rep at a stand at the mall asking if I had a few minutes for a demonstration. They told me all about all their "wonderful products" and how great they were for your skin. I bought several items and spent about $140 at the stand and when I got home, they didn't really deliver the results promised, especially for the price. When I returned to the stand to return my products, they would not take them back. They pulled out a tiny "All Sales Final" sign from behind a huge mound of products and told me I should have read the sign. The receipt also had in tiny tiny print "No Returns" but I didn't even get my receipt until after I had purchased. I explained that I did not see this as fair and they did not care, they even tried to sell me $180 worth of "better" product than what I bought! Can you believe the nerve?!?! Anyway, this Christmas season, stay away from the Dead Sea Cosmetics stand at your mall!!

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  • Ke
      4th of Jan, 2011

    how many of you people have gone into cvs or walmart and bought products that didn't work?? they don't have salespeople pushing product onto you. research where you put your money. that is the only vote that matters.

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  • Gy
      5th of Jan, 2011

    Why are there no Kiosks in the malls selling Amerian products double the price they are worth? People would laugh and walk away. Bring in a unique product from another country - with beautiful engaging sales people and you have a deal! It's so exotic. People eat it up. The product is NOT worth the price - but the show these foreign ladies and gentlemen put on to sell their goods may be worth it...(?).

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  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2011

    This kiosk in Prince George tried to get you to feel sorry for them by telling you lie after lie, how they were treated by people in my home town saying they were picked on by a bunch of Nazi's and went as far to draw a swastika on their hood of their car in the snow and took a picture to show people, nothing but a bunch of rubbish, the girl had the gull to use the same [censor] story on my sister, i have never seen such an under handed outfit in my life, the thing about this product is i really do like it but will never buy from these idiots again, refuse to support this crap i will keep my wrinkles thanks

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  • Gy
      14th of Jan, 2011

    If you like the products you can buy them on-line. I can't believe the company allows the sales people to get away it. Some of the sales people will do just about anything to make a sale - it's sick and greedy!

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  • Na
      19th of Jan, 2011

    You are all fools. No one put a gun to your head to buy the products you did it on your own free will. I have bought the products for my wife myself and my teen age kids. I have not one complaint about the products, they work very well. As for the pricing that is a bit different, where these people come from you have to haggle and negotiate plain and simple. If you fail to haggle over the price you are a fool. Next time you go once they have done their demo and given you the price, just say no and walk away they will come after you, and first off offer you more product than the original deal and again you walk away, they will come after you again this time you start by cutting the price in half and demanding more products. In the end you come out ahead and they make a normal markup. It’s that simple!
    As for the girls / women that work at the kiosks for DSC products or Sea Spa products, I would love to hire them all because they are excellent sales people!

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  • Gy
      19th of Jan, 2011

    they are excellent sales people and they love making fools out of people! No doubt laughing at the fools after they ripped them off.

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  • Wi
      28th of Feb, 2011

    I agree with the complaint. Happened to me at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco. This lady with an accent lured me to the kiosk. She used something that is like cleanser on my skin and start giving me those statements on how I should take care of my skin better. I decided to try it out since she said she'll give me a discount for it at the cost of $40, then I gave her my debit card and before she rung up the product, she told me to stay and ask me to check out another one of their products. Then, after that, she tested a third product on me and told me she's going to include it as a gift. In conclusion, the final price was way beyond that cleanser thing that I originally plan to pay with my card, at nearly $270! I told them, I'll skip the second and third product and I'll just stick with the cleanser. However, they WILL NOT let me go and still use their tactics to convince me to spend $270. Then, what I believe is the store the manager came out and said "I'll pay for the $40 one for you so you'll only have to pay $230". He even showed me the $40 in cash out of his wallet. Then to avoid getting into the argument with them, I responded "I'll stick with the cleanser and if I like it, I'll come back" but they still didn't let me go. They then dropped the price from $270 to a ridiculously as low as $115 and I still avoided it. After wards to avoid any further confrontations, I ended up buying the second product they've tested on me for $70, which is a moisturizing cream with a bar of soap. When I actually used the product, it's nothing different from Ponds which I could get it for $8 at Walgreens vs. this garbage at $70, or as they claimed it, originally $200. This company is truly a pyramid scheme and how should I report to the mall on them?

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  • Jd
      8th of Mar, 2011

    Wow I was approached in the mall in Miami by a handsome young guy with an accent to die for. He rubbed my hands down with the salt, used the eye serum on me and all. I wound up spending $150. But after researching on the Internet I still got a steal. He threw in a lot of extras and free bottles of stuff that even on the Internet is expensive. I actually lve the products. It makes my skin feel and look wonderful. Sorry to hear you guys had such bad experiences. I am a pretty persuasive person myself so I spent some money but I threw on my charm and got doubles of almost everything I bought. Sometimes u just gotta be better at playing their game. The products are great and if you use them right you will benefit. Go to amazon and find them much cheaper. Better luck next time.

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  • Ri
      23rd of Mar, 2011

    I was ripped off by these people last week. The Israeli girls were very pretty, but more importantly very persistent, and after around 45 minutes I just wanted to get out of there, and so bought their crap thinking I could return it later. I suppose that was passive aggressive, but I've never heard of a store or kiosk in a mall having a no returns policy, and it was definitely not brought to my attention at all. I saw no signs or text anywhere, but then I also wasn't looking because it's unheard of to me.

    I didn't have time before my vacation to stop by again to return these items, but did first thing when I returned, and it was only then that I was made aware of this policy. Needless to say, I did not get my money. So I went home and researched the company and found this site. I printed out all the pages and went to the mall management office to complain and seek resolution. The receptionist acted like she'd heard this story a hundred times this week alone from her sigh and tone, and same with the manager she fetched. The manager took my information and said he would suggest to the Premier people to return my money. I don't feel that he will have much success, but I also have already filed a complaint with my bank, and I will be calling them per their followup request today. After that I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and Chamber of Commerce against both the mall and Premier.

    I am hoping to simply return the items, I am not trying to scam them, but I will have resolution one way or another.

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  • Ri
      24th of Mar, 2011

    Update already, despite "assurances" from the Premier girl that the bank would not issue a charge back, they did. All I need to do to complete it is provide the bank with proof that I shipped the products back to the seller's address, with delivery confirmation. I was going to give the mall manager time, but the bank was all too eager to resolve this for me. If you've been blindsided by this policy, you can still beat them.

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  • Ck
      24th of Mar, 2011

    I really have to say that this product lacks credibility. I just came from a business trip in
    Singapore and have to admit that I also bought three items after a demo. They still use the
    same sales tricks and it somehow is true that the product they use for demonstration are different.
    I just realized that I paid almost double around 200$$. After using it for a week now, I can say
    that all of the items don't have the same effect as promised.
    I guess they are not very honest with their products. What company name does stand behind this
    premier dead sea products? I really would like to know which country it is? Israel?
    My advice tell everyone who goes to Singapore or other countries to stay away from that dead sea

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  • Pe
      26th of Mar, 2011

    I was at the mall and was approached by a salesperson and I did the whole nine yards with them and I did buy a few products, when I got home I tried the hand cream with sea salt and then finished with the handcream. I loved the product, I don't know what everyone is talking about that they were having bad luck with the products. I'm online to try and find the items I bought back then...I even did my Moms hands and she was amazed at the way her hands felt...she wanted to know where I bought the products and when I told her at the mall, we went back the next day and she bought the same things I did and she was very satisfied...You just have to look and pay attention to what the person is saying in order to make up your mind if you're going to buy something or not.If you ever feel as though your getting ripped off "Then just walk away" you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to and it seems to me, , , no one broke your arm to buy anything either.

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  • He
      30th of Mar, 2011

    Hi:) I am a 35 year old woman from Norway. Last summer I went to London, there I was approached by a salesman from Premier. I ended up buying several of the products. Once I had payed for some of the items, he showed me some more. All in all I ended up with the nailkit, salt, body butter, daycream, eyeserum and eyecream, mask miracle noir, peelingcream and the seaweed mask and I got the makeup removal cream and toner for "free". Basicly I ended up spending most of my vacation spending money at this stand. I got tho say though...I don`t reegret it!!! I love this products, and they really work for my skin. I`ve always spent good quality skinprodukts( MD Formulation and Decleor) but neighter of them can compare to the results I`ve been getting with the premier products. I`ll be 36 later this year and I still have to show ID to prove that I`m over 18 sometimes. My teenage daughter has suffered from atopic exema all her life, and we`ve tried all the creams from the farmacy, but she has always complained that they "sting on the skin" but she loves the boddy butter from premier. All in all I also think the mail salespeople from Premier can come of somewhat "aggressive", but I find the products are really working for my skin atleast, and the salesperson did help me find the best products for my skin, so these days I order online:))

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  • Sa
      28th of Apr, 2011

    For the person that mentioned the Utrecht shop- I also purchased some of the very expensive products by this shop's kiosk at Schiphol Airport. Besides the fact that the products in the end were not that great, I also developed an allergic reaction to a few. I also looked at the prices on the internet and saw that I paid three times (that's 3X !!!) as much for the specific creams. I found the e-mail for the shop which is on site asking to return the products but I never got an answer. What a rip-off...

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  • Pe
      20th of May, 2011

    I had the same thing to happen to me . I cannot use anything with fragrance. I told the sales girl this. I came home with a product that was not the same as demonstrated. I have sent a e-mail to our local news.When I went in to Cool Springs Mall, Nashville Tn. I have never been harassed as much by the vendors that rent in front of stores in my life. I left the mall due to harassment to purchase products. Dead Sea Vendors in malls are FRAUD!!!

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  • Te
      11th of Jun, 2011

    These people caught up with my son at the Premier Outlets in Grove City, PA. He is learning disabled and easily confused if someone talks fast and they sure do. He was at the outlets to buy shoes, which was near the food court and so he went to get something to eat. The girl caught him and convinced him to buy the nail kit for $30.00, then after talking to him she wanted to show him another product for his rosacea (he doesn't have rosacea), he had just shaved after weeks of me wanting him to shave. She proceeded to show him the facial peel product and then said he needed the oil product too and was going to sell him these 2 products along with 2 more nail kits for $119. He told her he didn't have that much money, so she took away a nail kit and charged him $95 for these products. He was afraid I would be mad, but since I had been roped in by them before (and their nail buffer sucked!) I couldn't be. I went with him back to the food court and promptly asked for his money back, at which point she showed me on the receipt that they don't give refunds. After she said I had to call their "office" I was given a number and instructed to talk to Nicko who was ruder than rude! He told me that I had to contact the "office" and speak to Israel, so I got Israel's number. Nicko also told me that Israel was only in from 9 -5 on Monday - Thursday, but I couldn't call that day (it was Thursday) he wasn't in. I figured that fine upstanding Nicko was lying, so I called Israel, he asked for information from the receipts, knew the amounts and said he would call me back in 5 mins. Since I had to get to work, I had my son sit outside the store I was working in and guess what, he never called back!! Both gentleman told me that once you are over 18, you can buy whatever you want, but I told them that didn't matter to me. He was coerced into buying it, he really didn't have the money and I needed to know how to get his money back. (He works and had gotten his quarterly incentive bonus, so he wanted to buy himself a nice pair of shoes, which he did, but then this nasty cow took the rest of his money with these stupid products!) Then my mother got his number and called, saying that they needed to refund the money or we would report them to the Better Business Bureau. No call back. She called again Friday and left a message saying the same, no call back. I just contacted the mall office and they are sending me a complaint form to return to them. I am still going to try and get his money back through the company too, but from what I am reading, that would be a lost cause. Hopefully this complaint form and a complaint to the BBB will help resolve this matter. I told my son if he had only called to ask, I would have told him that he shouldn't buy...but a hard lesson learned for him. Hoping to get it resolved for him as soon as possible.

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  • Br
      14th of Jun, 2011

    THE PRODUCTS ARE TRUELY FANTASTIC !!! just watch the price, and be sure to purchase from a authorised retailer, other wise you might end up paying more than you should. Brenda, Italy

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  • Ju
      7th of Jul, 2011

    The owner of these kiosk are limor foox and mordehay and possibly some partners too.
    Report them and please do not think all Israeli people are bad.
    The ones who come here to scam Americans, come from poor neighborhoods in Israel and are the low life's of israeli society, they immigrated to Israel from Arab countries and have a poor mentality.
    True Israeli people are kind and immigrate from Europe to Israel.
    These Israeli SCAMMERS are the trash from Israel that can't make it in their own country and take American kindness as a weakness!
    Hope this helps.

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  • Sm
      11th of Aug, 2011

    I was approached while at the mall with my grandmother and younger brother. I am from Texas but was visiting my family in Alberta for a week. A women approched me and told me to hold my hands out, putting salt and spraying water in my hands. i had done this a couple times at other malls because these people are so hard to avoid. After that the woman started examining my face seeing that i had acne and without asking started rubbing toner on my face, removing my makeup, which i was comepletely not okay with.(i wear makeup for a reason, not to have it removed in public). She started telling me all the benefits of it and i was convinced because i didnt have a bacne cleanser at the time. When she said the price was 100 dollars, i couldnt believe it and had No idea it would be that expensive. Seeing how shocked we were, the woman lowered the price to 50 dollars because i am from texas. My grandmother said she would buy it for me only if i used it. Now i realize it was a COMEPLETE ripoff. i just looked the product up online and if you order it, it fifteen dollars!!! This Dead Sea company practically goes up and harrasses you into buying stuff in the mall and lies about their prices. i am never buying from them again, not even online!! the product isnt very effective either. it makes you face feel clean and thats it. still have acne. dont be a sucker and fall for this company its terrible!!!

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  • Ol
      13th of Sep, 2011

    They definitely seem to have the Israli story down pat. The products are much more than the website which seems like that should be illegal in some manner. I have never fallen for the hard sell before but they got me this time. Stay away if you can!

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