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1 Pheonix, United States
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Hello everyone, I found a French bulldog on and the person advertising was of I was looking for a dog that was close to its adult weight for I lived in an apartment and needed one on the smaller side. The dog was advertised as 'small' and '18 pounds' hard to find for in a male Frenchie but just what I was looking for. I will try to make a long story short. I was told to pay through 'personal' transaction on PayPal which would bite me later. After I paid her, she then mentioned that the dog had gone through surgery after ingesting a toy. My red flags flew up. She was obviously dishonest for not tell me prior to the payment. I asked how big the dog was, she said she'd take measurements. The 18 pound dog was now 20 pounds. This 'small' dog was at '13"' tall '15"' long. An average French bulldog stands at 9-12" tall so this is no 'small' dog as he was advertised. She replied 'he is of average size. My description of him was not that he was a mini or tiny.' No it wasn't, but it was described as 'small' and not 'average.' She became frustrated at the fact that I was still upset about being lied to. I demanded a refund which she said she would not agree. So I went to PayPal and explained the false advertisement. I was told by PayPal there is nothing they could do although they side with me. When she had me pay through the 'personal' transaction, it restricted PayPal from becoming involved. I stopped the transaction through my bank however PayPal had me on the hook since they paid this lady her money already. I had a vacation to Hawaii the day after I lost my appeal with PayPal and my trip was ruined. After months of dispute I was finnally able to get her to pay HALF of the $3200 I paid her by going to the Arizona attorney General!!! Keep in my mind I paid for airfare which she also refused to refund though the flight was never set up. The dog is currently for sale and his measurements immediately dropped again from 15" long to 14" long and from 13" tall to 12" tall. His weight immdiately dropped from 19.6 pounds to 19 pounds. All measurements which benefit the seller.

Aug 1, 2015

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