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Precious Poms N Persians & French Bulldogs / *ring worm alert*

Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
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A kitten I was going to adopt from her got "a fungal infection" on the top of his head. I asked her directly if it was RING WORM. She denied knowing if there was more than one kind of fungal infections like there are bacterial infections. SHE WORKS FOR THE VET she takes the kittens to. I have no problem with her working there but purely from working there she knows it is ring worm. She claims this is the very first time she's ever had it in her house -- out of all of the puppies and kittens she has (check out her website to see just how many puppies and kittens are at risk if not treated), the one I was going to buy was "the only one that had any signs of it."

Do your homework before you buy from her!!! Be very educated about the "fungal infections" then you decide if you want to risk your home, your health and the health of any other animals that you may already have. Could be a very expensive purchase!!!

I just noticed there is another "Poms and Persians" breeder also in Arizona -- TENDER MOMENTS POMS AND PERSIANS. I know that she grew up in a family that raised them also so I would be very wary of them too.


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  • Po
      25th of Oct, 2010

    I will post more tomorrow after I take my persian to the vet and find out about the ringworm...but I completely agree. I don't even think she takes them to the vet. I think she gives the shots herself at her house...the brochure we were given of his shot records says in fine print that it is a supply company not the not an actual clinic. We were also given expired food and was told the possible ringworm was just a 'dry spot'. It is too late for us because we are absolutely in love with our persian baby but I had a bad feeling after I found out that there was misleading information on her site. I feel so bad for the other babies there.

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  • Po
      16th of Nov, 2010

    UPDATE: I'm pretty positive I purchased the kitten that Persian Lover referenced in the initial complaint. These kittens HAVE RINGWORM. I know for a fact because I HAVE IT TOO. Please see my complaint for more info:

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  • Jo
      23rd of Feb, 2011

    I purchased a kitten from the same breeder and he had a bad case of ringworm. I asked for copies of the medical records for his most recent visit. The report that his skin/fur was healthy and no problems were noticed. No competent vet would miss the spots. However the little guy is one of the most well adjusted, playful, and healthy cats we have.

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  • Pa
      27th of Nov, 2012

    you just don't know the half of what this shady breeder does. She purchases retired dogs from breeders, says she works at the vet (which she does), will have them spayed and fax the paperwork to you so she can get the papers. The paperwork is from her vet office but the procedure never happened. Her vet office was notified but they did not care or want to get involved (false documents really?). Most of the dogs she has, she got under false pretense, lying to get these dogs. Her husband is also in on all of this as well. Be leary, do not buy ANYTHING from this breeder, Pomeranians, Persians or anything else. For goodness sakes, works at a vet office and can't take them to the vet.

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  • Fr
      27th of Feb, 2013

    I purchased a french bulldog puppy from this breeder mentioned above in August 2012. Within 24 hours he got very sick and when I took him to the vet, he had parvo. $2200 later our puppy lived, but parvo is serious and if our puppy had it, I wonder how many other dogs died from it. It is almost impossible to get rid of and with the amount of dogs she has in that tiny dump of hers, it has spread. Buyer beware!!!

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  • Si
      20th of Jun, 2017

    I purchased a male Persian cat and after getting him home I became aware he was sick! They had cleaned his eyes before I got to their house and when I got home became aware of his feline HERPES (diagnosed by our vet). My pregnant female Persian and other male became infected as well as the babies! I am SO UPSET! They knew he had herpes! My entire life is completely crushed because of "precious poms and Persians" I hate these people so much and they will get what's coming to them because they have wronged so many people.

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  • Eb
      15th of Oct, 2018

    I purchased a French Bulldog female puppy from Precious Poms N Persians a week ago. Within 36 hours, the dog fell sick with Parvo. I spent $2, 000 with my Vet to try and save her and she died this morning. It was devastating. When I spoke to the Breeder earlier in the week, she told me she brings home sick dogs from the Vets she works at! I don't think either she or the Vet she works for actually care for these puppies. My Vet wasn't even sure the vaccines listed on the paper we took home were actually valid and had the dog survived, would have had to get vaccinated immediately. While the puppy was at the animal hospital, I did some in depth research on this breeder. Based on what I have found, I just believe she runs a puppy mill. She has another litter of puppies that were exposed to the disease and yet she is still taking deposits! Her house is contaminated with Parvo. A responsible breeder would hold off selling anymore puppies until the threat of Parvo has passed. If anyone is interested in getting a puppy, please save yourself the pain and financial implications and go to a different breeder.

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  • Am
      17th of Oct, 2018

    @EbonyTheFrench I just put a deposit on a puppy 2 days ago, Endo...I am very upset to be reading this post. What did she say/do about it? Especially having other puppies in the house right now!!

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  • Ki
      22nd of Oct, 2018

    I bought a female frenchie over a week ago that I believe is littermate to this pup mentioned above that said they had parvo. She was 10 wks old when I got her. She had already been vet checked and vaccinated twice. Gave me copies of all her exam and records of deworming and fecal tested and also gave us another free vet visit. I find it hard to believe that if they were littermates and were kept together yours would be sick. Our girl is super healthy. Very mellow and calm. And even if that were the case I’m sure they would work something out with u to make it right. I know they take care of their pets. When I got my puppy I used my free vet visit right away just to be sure she was healthy and I had a few questions to ask the vet. Upon arriving at the vets office everyone there seemed to recognize my puppy and said they remembered seeing the whole litter there They were all very helpful and had nothing but good things to say about the care provided for all their pets I’m sorry u had to go through that But I truly believe they are good people. The very last thing they said to me as I walked out the door of their home with my puppy was. If u have any questions or any problems don’t hesitate to call or text That they would be happy to help out in any way they can. And for us to enjoy our new baby.

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  • Na
      25th of Mar, 2019

    I placed a $200 deposit on a Pomeranian today. The dog is beautiful. His collar was way too tight. I shared this with breeder. She said that it had to be that way so he would not slip out of collar, and allow space for one finger. I tried and my average finger could not fit. After leaving, I sensed something was not right. There were Persian cats present that appeared sick. We began to research and found out the dog we were purchasing had already been returned by another buyer through a complaint. I cancelled. Be weary of this breeder, who does not put her name on any paperwork. I feel so sad for the animals, who live in this environment. Please go see for yourself!

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