Polokwane Department of Labour / payment not received for 4 months

Polokwane, ZA
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Good day,

To whom it may concern.

I was Retrenched at Atok Bokoni Platinum Mine on the 31st of July 2017.

On the 24th of August 2017 I did Apply for my UIF at the Department of Labour in Polokwane. They said I must wait 35 days and then come back to sign the payout.
On the 12th Of October 2017 I did go back to sign the payout and they said that it haven't been professed yet and I must wait another 14 days.
On the 26th Of October I went back and they said that I must come back on the 3rd Of November 2017.
So on the 3rd Of November 2017 I went back and signed for the payout. They said if I didn't receive my money in 10 working days I must come back.
So after 10 Working days my money is still not in my account. I went back and asked why inst my money in my account, they said its still in processing order. I must wait another 5 days and then come back. After 5 days I went back and they only give me the customer care line number and said I must phone them.
This morning on the 22 of November 2017 I tried to call the number given but the people on the other side puts the phone down when they "transferring" me to the right department.

I think its not acceptable, I have a house that needs to be payed, I have vehicle that need to be paved, I must buy food for my children. I cant provide for them because the UIF only sends me away overtime I am going there and give me days and time that I must be there of phone numbers that I must phone and then there inst any help.

Nov 22, 2017

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