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Pogo / Suspension

1 Australia Review updated:

I have being banned by pogo for saying to my opponent, I'm going for a ###. Obviously ### in America must have a different meaning to us in Australia, we say it instead of cigarette. I mean if a person on pogo is going to report me for saying this (dreamyjenplayer), they need to get a life. So now I have to wait 72 hours to play.

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  • Ki
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I'am trying to get on pogo and it say's that i'am banned from pogo and i didn't do any thing wrong so i would like to be put back on pogo if not we will have alot of problem's thank you hope to hear from you soon

  • Ha
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    pogo sucks they booted me for saying oompaloompa

  • Ja
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    pogo not only bans people for no reason they dont ban the ones that are troublemakers...there is one in a bowling room i play in (guttersnipes) crazy witch names reniebell22..she harasses ppl, makes fun of people who have disabilities, obese, you name it. everyone reports her and she is still on the site..with the money they get from us we should be able to play without being harassed.

  • Im
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    days ago by Jazi [send email]
    pogo not only bans people for no reason they dont ban the ones that are troublemakers...there is one in a bowling room i play in (guttersnipes) crazy witch names reniebell22..she harasses ppl, makes fun of people who have disabilities, obese, you name it. everyone reports her and she is still on the site..with the money they get from us we should be able to play without being harassed

    THIS COMPLAINT IT SLANDEROUS. I have been in the guttersnipes room as well and see what goes on in there . The whole story is that there is a league in there that has been banned from cases once due to the fact They violated case TOs by Harrsing, slandering, and making derogogatory remarks at this lady reniebell22. This poor lady defends her self to no avail because this league gangs up on her. They now have made 2 leagues one through cases same members different head admin (due to the fact that were banned from cases for TOS violations).
    As wellas making a league through great legues same head amin that was banned from cases. You would think if this league of bullies didnt want to hear her they use the mute option, but instead they say mute the seahag Refering to reniebell22, then they continue to intimidate and harras her attacking her family life and her child.They make free accounts Spoofing her name. Not to mention that they have been known to use cheats bots in their games as one of there members accounts was terminated due to the fact that he was caught by pogo using a cheat-bot in bowling.Also it is very inappropriate to make jokes about people who are dying from cancer or dead. These leagues in this room do not have any respect for anybody but themselves.

  • Jo
      13th of Jan, 2009
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    First of all, USE your real pogo name. I am the HA that YOU say was banned by cases, you could be no further from the truth. I cancelled our league with cases after RENIEBELL22 filed a false complaint against us and our league was SUSPENDED from holding tournaments for 24 hours, end of story.
    As to "POOR" lady RENIEBELL22 she and her "friends" harass, stalk and discriminate. She and her "friends" have typed my name, my families names, my home address, my home phone number, where my older son goes to school and even how many rooms are in my house. Do I know this "person"?, absolutely NOT! As to the league using "fake" pogo names what do you think her and her friends do.? bigmikedeadmoney, hecantpitch, jojotheclown, larrytheclown, jojojerky1, jojowrinkles, just to name a few of over 100 that we have a list of. The racial remarks her and her friends make are totally uncalled for, 1 of the women in the room is african american, they call her buckwheat and tell her to eat grits, another league member who THEY think is from Mexico they ask if hes gotten his green card and he's a fence jumper. Yeah she's sweet uh huh
    As to the comment about cheat bots, grow up, just because they are good bowlers doesn't mean they cheat, if anyone practices as much as some of these people do, you could be just as good.
    Lastly, many people who belong to my league have diabilities and pogo is their way of communicating with the outside world..There is 1 man I have become on-line friends with who she said was DEAD and where should she send flowers and then claimed that another person in the room told her. So feel sorry for "poor" reniebell22, she deserves every comment she gets. Oh by the way, out of all the people I have spoken to on pogo how did SHE make the POGOTARDLIST???

  • Ja
      13th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I agree with jorgy - that renibell22 is the biggest troublemaker I have ever come across on pogo. She's a vindictive disturbed individual who should have been banned from the site years ago.

    She's in that room almost every day harassing those poor people when all they are doing is having fun. If you are offended by what they are talking about why not mute them..But not this person, she will contact pogo and make up stories about being threatened or someone being crude just to get them suspended. Then she comes back into the room and brags about it. And you speak of fake names, when reniebelle wants to say something crude, like the racial remarks jorgy speaks of she'll come into the room under a fake name..And the group always laughs at her because they can tell by what the person is saying that it's her..It's almost sad to see someone so desperate for attention.

    I'm sure the person who posted before jorgy is one of her lackies trying to paint her the victim. Sorry I'm an outsider and I can honestly say this woman is far from innocent.

    To talk about people's children, wishing death on people, laugh about peoples illnesses and addictions is just sick. This woman truly needs psychiatric help.

  • Ra
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am upset with pogo, They banned me for 72 hours when i did nothing... I was accused by (Anythingyouwish4) for have a auto i have never heard of one before, she reported me and then came into a game i was playing in Canasta and told my cards to the other players and i reported her for doing that and she kept doing so i tried to report her again and it suspensed me! I don't appreaciate pogo kicking me off when she harass me and was following me from room to room telling people my cards!!! VERY UNFAIR POGO makes me not want to play and cancel my account..

  • It
      27th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    These players get by with treating ppl like that because Pogo/EA allows it, and why should they care? EA/Pogo treats their customers and players just as bad, worse even. Pogo is worse now than ever. Their new game format totally sucks and will not load at all and they are defrauding millions of customers by accepting their money for a service that they aren't providing because the new format sucks but more than the stupid thing does not work. In addition, their customer support is nonexistent these days, and there are numerous privacy issues with the new format. At one point it was even spitting out ppl's names and private email addresses in the new format on certain web browsers. Can anyone say 'lawsuit waiting to happen'? In the meantime Pogo/EA keeps stealing people's money by automatically charging them for subscription renewals for games that don't even load or work at all and a format that sucks then refusing refunds. Many are filing complaints with the BBB and FTC and their state attorney general for fraud.

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