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Warning, there is an illegitimate child predator hunting group baiting scamming, public shaming then blackmailing men operating on the site plenty of fish. This anonymous group of criminals out of long Island N.Y. post fake profiles of women from the age of 18 to 26. The profiles usually contain only one picture and will show up in a New York area search. From what I researched about them, they initiate contact only to sometimes reveal they(the decoy) is a girl of 14 years of age (in my case the fictitious person remained 26 until changed later on their site). At that point of contact if one continues to engage them, the chat log is being screen shot. For further use on their site and evidence against you. Usually the conversation transfers to text messaging or Kik which logs are also screenshot to use against you. The men usually ask for pictures several time of the”girl” and none are given. Usually “she” will send a picture of something “she” colored and ask you for one back only to humiliate you further. BEWARE: the decoy will ask you for very specific information such as full name, address, occupation, employer and other details about your personal life to substantiate you are who you say you are. At this point, they have your name, phone number, social networks and emails. Short time after you will receive an anonymous Skyped phone call, the will call several times back to back. When you get on the phone they will try to scare you into a confession/ admission of guilt. They will even fool you into thinking everything will be worked out without going to court. Oops, too late at this point, the whole conversation has been recorded to used against you ( as it was for me, or atleast they tried). The conversations will be uploaded to Speaker, Sound cloud and YouTube. In my case, I received another call not recorded or posted suggesting I make a donation to have my photos and fake and altered chat logs removed. HOWEVER, more disturbing, your entire “case” will be posted to their site with tags to your name, email and other associated accounts. That means when someone Googles your name, you will show up as a child predator. And they got you. If you email them it will still be used against you unless you pay them or “make a donation” I say shame on you to for allowing this.

Be warned,

Ernest Joyner

Jul 03, 2016
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  • Ma
      Dec 01, 2016

    I have used pof on several occasions to meet people and had an upgraded account. My profile is deleted and they are still taking money out of my account, 4 times in November I have emailed them many times but they apparently don't give a crap about ripping people off.

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