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Platinum Rewards / Not a complaint

1 United States

I can say that there WERE come employees working for Platinum Rewards that were shady employees. Trying to say that they are working for the credit card company but I can say that in the past couple of months Platinum has done everything they can do to get those people out of there. You will never hear someone calling from Platinum saying that they are calling FROM the credit card company. The opening line is usually "Hello Bob..Hi Bob this is Billy calling from Platinum Rewards IN REGARDS to your Visa ending in 1234. The reason for my call is because you have made some purchases in the recent past which has qualified you as a active consumer and for that your gonna be receiving some gifts. The gift are from companies that are offering risk free trials for their programs they are offering. In order for you to get charged anything you must listen to a verbal contract and agree to everything they say about shipping and handling which is billed that day and monthly membership fees that would apply if you don't call and cancel during the trial period. You must AGREE to these things in order for the order to be processed. It is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for you to be charged for something if you don't say yes. Hanging up while they are reading doesn't help either if you have already said yes to something they were already reading. SO IF YOU HEAR SOMEONE READING TO YOU REALLY FAST AND YOU HEAR PRICES OR NUMBERS..THE SMART THING TO DO WOULD BE TO ASK WHILE ON THAT RECORDED LINE WHICH THEY INFORM YOU THAT YOU ARE IN THE BEGINNING HOW MUCH YOU ARE BEING CHARGED. THEY CAN PRETTY MUCH SAY WHATEVER THEY WANT TO YOU BEFORE THE RECORDING BUT THE WHOLE POINT OF THE RECORDING IS FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO AND TO PROTECT THEM. ANY QUESTION YOU ASK MUST BE ANSWERED TRUTHFULLY. SO PAY ATTENTION! Any questions you have for them would be better asked during the "Customer Protection Statement." People on this website are making this and other companies out to be scams and yes they may say some things that are a stretch of the truth in the beginning but what salesman doesn't but when you go in that back office to sign that contract you read over everything right?! Well this is the same thing..they can't blatantly lie to you in the beginning of the phone call and if they do they get fired and when it comes to the verbal contract its the same as a written contract and if you are worried about anything that's going on you should ask questions. A lot of the programs that these companies send out are good programs that can actually save you some money if you are a frequent and impulse buyer. In order for these companies to have your information you HAVE to buy something which is usually something that is an impulse buy and that's why these companies are profitable because people who have said yes before will say yes again. Even people who have been sold certain gifts and programs 5 months prior will say yes again to another set of gifts and programs.

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