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Platinum Protection / Poor Service/Employees

1 549 east 1860 southProvo, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-507-protect

I am very upset with this company. We had an alarm system installed back in May because my husband was going to start working nights. Everything appeared great from what the salesman actually told us. He said we could cancel any time we wanted and that we would have our equipment removed from our house. He never mentioned that we were signing up for a 60 month agreement or that if you cancel you will have to pay 80% of the premium for the five years of service.

I had an issue with the alarm when in August my husband got home, opened the door to let the dogs out, and the alarm went off. I was out of town at the time and I had a missed call and voicemail when I checked my cell phone. Basically the company called my phone because the alarm was going off and they were checking to make sure everything was fine. I called my husband and asked him what happened, he told me he set off the alarm. I asked if he spoke with someone from the company, he said no he did not. The police did not show up to see that everthing was ok and the company did not actually talk with someone to confirm that there was no problem.

I called Platinum Protection today to tell them that I wanted to cancel my service. They told me that if I wanted to cancel I would have to pay 80% of my total bill for the life of the contract which they told me at that time would be 5 years. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

A supervisor got on the phone a few minutes later and I explained that I wanted to cancel my service, and that I was not satisfied with the service that was provided. I told them that on the day the alarm went off I was upset to find that the company simply tried to contact us once on my phone and that if someone had broken into the house we wouldn't have known about it and they could have stolen anthing they wanted. Luckily, it was a false alarm because my husband was home, but if it wasn't they didn't take care of the situation like I felt they should. He said he would contract Monitronics, which is the company that moniters the alarms and find out what happened.

He put me on hold, and when he got back on the phone he said that the alarm had gone off and they tried to call our house 2 times, but it was busy because the alarm system runs through the phone line and since it was going off the line was in use. Then they called my cell once and left the message. Right after that the alarm was disarmed. I said I would have been happy if they called my husband's cell phone because he would have answered since he had it on him, and he could have told them false alarm. I asked him why they would call the house if the alarm system uses the house phone to contact them. He never really answered that question. He basically said, sometimes, it doesn't make the phone busy. I said well, I am not happy with the fact that someone could have broken into my house disabled the alarm and stolen items from my house with no problem. He said well they wouldn't know the code to disable the alarm, I said we have the key fob and keep it right next to the alarm system because we do not use it, all they would have to do is push a button on the key fob.

I said I am not happy with the service provided, I want to cancel my system. I am willing to pay 80% of the payments until next May. He said no, there is nothing wrong with the equipment, I said no there is something wrong with the people who work there because they are not checking on the system to my satisfaction. They have both my husband and my cell phone numbers, they also have my parents house phone, and my mother in laws cell phone number. They could have gotten ahold of someone. I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said there is no one else you can talk to. I asked if he owned the entire company, he said no. I said well, I will be calling back.

I spoke with my husband, who basically was the person who did most of the talking with the salesman. He said that the salesman told him he could cancel at any time and it would not be a problem. I called Platinum Protection back again and spoke with the supervisor of the second guy I spoke with. I explained everything to her and that my husband was told we could cancel at anytime, and that we were never told anything about a 5 year agreement, we would never have signed up if we thought we would be roped into it for that long.

She said that she's sorry the salesman said that to us but there is nothing she can do about it. If we cancel we will be charged basically $1800 for the remaining 80% for the service. She said even though we were never told about it since it's on the contract we signed we are stuck. I asked her what she was going to do about the salesperson, she said basically nothing, they don't know what he said and they can't do anything about it. I said I'm also upset because of the way the situation in August was handled, or not handled I should said. She said they did what they said they would do they assumed the alarm was disarmed and it was a false alarm. I said that is not ok with me. The alarm went off for 2 minutes and no one checked on the house, and they never heard from us if everything was ok. I want to cancel the service I consider worthless. We don't even turn it on anymore because it will do no good.

She said basically the company will not do anything. I told her I wanted to speak to someone above her that can and will actually do something about this complaint. They have to have someone that will do something. The customer service is horrible. She said no one will do anything for me and I'm either stuck with the service or I can cancel and pay the fee.

I am appalled at this so called "customer service". I've worked in customer service for years and there is no way a respectable company would treat a paying customer like this. There was no help in resolving the problem except you can cancel but pay a large fine. I would NEVER recommend anyone use this company. Doing further research online, I've seen numerous complaints about sales people, the system itself, and the company as a whole. They are only looking out for their interest and not the clients.


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