Planet Fitness Watertown NY / bait and switch

Contact information:
Phone: 315-661-6366

I am a soldier and travel a lot.. Was visiting Fort Drum in NY and needed to use a good gym off Base/. Went into Planet Fitness which was near my hotel and got a very welcome introduction to the gym and promises on what I would get with a one month contract|. Well they lied directly to my face, and as soon as I tried to use anything in the gym other than the machines, IE the tanning services, I was told that they weren't in the contract, which of course they arent, becasue the contract doesn't cover ANYTHING, it just talks about how much money they charge, it says nothing about what you get to use, they rely on the LIES told by their sales staff'. When I complained to the management, I was told that I could do two things, either stop working out there and recieve no refund, or continue to work out there, not get the tannning and other inenities in the gym, and not get a refund;. They even threatened to charge me the $58:.00 cancellation fee that they charge people with a contract longer than a month'. Liars Cheats and thieves!

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