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Planet Fitness / bad management

Rf Jun 18, 2015
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Phone: 504-309-1600

I have never been treated be little by a place of business that I ever had to deal with like planet fitness in new orleans east. I have been a member since February. I go in a regular basic never had a problem until yesterday. I was told that I have not paid since February. I told that's not truth and to call billing to verify it. She stated no and ask for my personal info. I said it so easy to just turn around and call billing. She replied no and tol me to leave.Then ask me to leave and get my personal info. I told I am not giving her my account info. Then after told me to leave..I told her u have no Wright to put me out when they took the money out bank account the night before. She did not care to do anything to fix the problem, but to tell me to leave when I ask for manager.she stated she were and told to leave again.After I didn't not leave fast enough she called the police.the police can and escorted me out in front a gym full of people. I have never been treated, so bad by a lazy incompetent worker like her. I was ashamed people were looking and laughing. she ask like I was treating her. The police understood ever thing, but everyone have a job to do they told me to get a lawyer, so thats what I am looking for anyone know a good laywer who handle these cases in new orleans. The company onwer is no better than the people they employed, so if u want a gym that would hold worker accountable planet fitness is no the place. U olny can email them and no one responds.

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