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This company claims to be all about helping soldiers. Not. I was being medically discharged from the army after 19 years service and trying to get my financial affairs in order. After six attempts to contact Pioneer Lending by both phone and email, someone called me and told me that a loan specialist would call and could help me make alternate payment arrangements. The next day, a rude, ignorant female bill collector called from Pioneer and threatened to destroy my credit if I couldn't pay as agreed ($240 a month for six years on a $4000 loan). They didn't care that I was disabled and that my only income would be a small disability pension. This awful company continues to lure soldiers into taking out loans that have exorbitant interest rates and then refusing to help them when they run into problems. They should be barred from making loans to military personnel.

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  • Ac
      Mar 05, 2009

    I agree 100%. Im an E-6 in the Army ive been taking out loans from pioneer since Feb2005. I payed of three I never been late. I went threw some hard times in Nov08. I called to see if they can work with me they said no pay your bill. I started recieving harrasing phone calls and emails i even got threatned that i was going to get sued and my income tax this year was going to be withheld. I was also told i was a sorry human being for not paying my bill. as wellas comments saying you owe me money and you better pay. I already made a complaint with the BBB in Kansas and sent a email showing proof of there threatning letters to there head office no response that was 4 days ago. In my oppinion they should be offered the luxury of working with service members

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  • Re
      Apr 23, 2009

    I agree 100%. Pioneer Military Loan Company representatives are the rudest I have ever dealt with. A extremely rude man called me left threatening, insulting messages on my voicemail. When I contacted him...he began screaming, yelling and even resorting to commenting about my children.

    When I questioned his Customer Service skills...he stated you don't get customer service when you are late. When I tried to discuss some issues with him...he simply said "have you made a payment" and continue to ask the same question. He would not answer any of my questions or address any of my concerns. I then asked to speak to his supervisor...he refused to do so. Well I hung up called someone else, she was rude as well, but she did transfer me to the supervisor...Well then I understood why the representatives were rude. The "Climate" at that office was t be rude. I can't wait to pay this loan off and would not recommend doing busy with Pioneer Military Loans.

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  • Ll
      May 11, 2009

    I also agree, my husband is an E5 in the Army and we took out a loan for $2, 000 and what we didn't realize is that the interest rate is about 40%! We are now paying over $800 in just INTEREST rates. We got a few emails about 2 months ago that we had not been paying our bills even though we set up automatic payments and I knew it was impossible that we missed a payment. They were very rude when I called until I told them I had proof that the loan had been paid. We will never go through them again.

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  • Tr
      Nov 12, 2009

    So let me get this straight. You all didn't have the money to pay your bills, so you found a business that was willing to "help" you out during your hardship. Now that it is time to repay them you feel that it is not neccesary to repay them in a timely manner. A timely manner that you had agreed on when you walked into their business of your own free will. You might need to expound on the whole luring process. Did they offer the pot at the end of the rainbow? Maybe they told you that they will you loan you the money to purchase a cash tree. It sounds like you all were looking for Pioneer Hand-outs and ended up at Pioneer Loans.

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  • So
      Jan 13, 2018

    @Truth101 I bought insurance on my LOAN in case anything happened to me I didnt want my family to be effected. I borrowed to get furniture for my home and figured it wouldnt matter as I was reenlisting in 6 months so whats the harm. I could just pay it off then. But as luck would have it I was injured in Afghanistan. Then medically boarded for the Army. They extended my active duty status and kept me ineligible for reenlistment at the same time during the 1 year boarding process. Finally after the 1 year I was given 70 percent medical retirement and had to give up my home. So all savings I had went to moving me and my family. I got a travel allotment that paid a portion but not all as I had to make trips from Georgia to Oklahoma. With a broken lower back I had to hire MOVERS that the army doesnt cover. Then a deposit on a new home and everything else to get started. Between physical inability to work a decent job and severe PTSD limiting me I couldn't afford my payments. I called and sent in for the insurance claim but it didn't happen. Instead after calling, the next month Pioneer hired a lawyer to sue me for the LOAN. Now my credit is hurting, my family and friends can see my public case of indebtedness and I have to get a lawyer somehow. I matched all the criteria I had purchased the insurance for in the first place but it didnt matter. They just said since I was unable to make the payment I had forfeited my rights to anything within the LOAN basically. I hate this company now. They have ruined such a huge part of my life, even when I did all I could to be certain nothing could ever happen. I cant stand the idea that others will use them and go through this. I hope to hell someone fixes this. As for your poor understanding of peoples lives, you can go to hell too [censor]. TRUTH 102 feel free to come visit in Oklahoma and we can discuss your trolling [censor] in person you [censor] [censor].

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  • Tr
      Dec 30, 2009

    I am looking into getting a 10, 000 dollar loan from them to purchase a car. As far as the last commenter said I do understand that I am walking into Pioneer Loans, and not Pioneer Hand-outs. I am recieving about $5K in the next ten days or so for travel pay, and dity move pay, etc. and another $7, 500 in Feb. for the next installment of my bonus. Does anyone know what the interest rate will be if i plan on having this loan completely paid off in the next 6 months?

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  • Mi
      Feb 05, 2010

    They are the worse. My son got a loan from them and has been attempting to pay it off. It is like hitting a moving target. You give them the payoff amount that they state on their website only to find it didn't pay it all off after all. For a two year loan he has paid back 2 + times the laon amount to date. Each time he pays it off they come back and say there is still an amount left to pay. Tried to get a statement with all interest, penalties, payments and balances over the life of this loan. To no avail. I wrote my Congressman to try and get these people to do the right thing. Suggest you do the same.

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  • Tr
      Mar 05, 2010

    Sounds like Truth101 is a Pioneer employee. Sounds exactly like them actually. I had a case similar to the original post. I just got out of the military (was forced out on a parenthood discharge after 10 years by the way) and am 70% disabled. My pay was reduced to a small $1500 a month and, if I go along with the law of disability and receiving such benefits, I am extremely limited on what I can do for work. I even took out insurance on my loan for such a case. Low and behold, I "just don't want to pay my bills when someone was generous enough to loan me money" because I am taking them up on the insurance "offer" (which I paid for) that is obviously just there for show. Truth101, people don't take out loans because their lives are easy and preying on young financially ignorant kids or single parents and then yelling at them or cussing them out when things get rough is not an honorable business. If it helps you sleep at night, that's ok...keep saying that, but it's still wrong. They have denied every request (10 of them IN writing) for publications or manuals on the handling of loan cases pending insurance. I was told one thing by a nice gentleman trying to help (well nicer than everyone else) and something different by and extremely rude woman who can't speak proper english and blames me for not being able to understand her. So now that I ask for it to be cleared up in plain, legible english, I am being ignored and treated even worse. Call those people generous if you will but it's far from it.

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  • Ke
      Mar 08, 2010

    I'm an E-4 in the Marines, and I've yet to have a problem with Pioneer. I made some bad decisions as a young Devil Dog, and have been using Pioneer since 2005. Sure, they have outragous interest rates, but all it takes is WILL POWER.

    How i view it:

    If your looking at pioneer, you must have credit problems. The interest rate is the price you pay for getting the money you need. Pioneer didn't cause your credit problems.

    You start an allotment and forget about it. If you miss a payment, man up and pay it back... YOU signed for the loan. Pioneer didnt force you to do anything.

    I've had 3, and successfully paid all 3, early, never missing a payment.

    Everyone is just butthurt that THEY messed up and a Company called them out on it.

    I think irresponsible Military members shouldnt be helped if they will turn around and throw it in their face.

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  • Tr
      Dec 20, 2018

    @Kevster Sounds like someone paid you to say this [censored]

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  • As
      Mar 08, 2010

    i have a pioneer loan, i have 147.00 coming out every month, is it true that i will never be able to pay it off because they will keep adding too it?

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  • Pm
      Mar 30, 2010

    Lol, Kevster is DEFINITELY a company employee. And if you're not, you need to learn that there is a difference between "manning up" and "getting screwed". I will man up. I will not be screwed.

    We are looking at a loan and just had the craziest twilight ride ever. The principal amount ended up being $600 more than the amount financed. We called customer service before accepting because we had no clue where this new figure came from. After AN HOUR on the phone (I will spare you the tortorous details of trying to get our point across, i.e. what was this new figure?) we finally got the answer that that was the amount we are being insured for. So ok, we have a little more insurance than the amount financed, that's fine. We go through with the online application and when the final contract prints off it says that there is a PREPAID FINANCE CHARGE, A LOAN ORIGINATION FEE of $608.19. THAT was the extra $600 that no one, including customer "service" and their alleged loan officer could not account for! This was nowhere near the "full disclosure" that their customer "service" agents had insited they had. We called back to ask about this "loan origination fee" and guess what? Aside from being rude about it, customer "service" swore up and down that they have no such fee! Didn't matter that it was printed off and I was looking at it with my own eyes.

    This whole fiasco was them getting $600 extra, over and above the 20% interest, while insisting what we were seeing with our own eyes (an extra undisclosed until we had accepted amount of $600 tacked on) was not possible! Seriously?! Is this a real bank? It totally prompted me to research a little further and see if this Pioneer Services is reputable. Thank God for Prepaid Legal, I'm calling my attorney in the morning.

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  • Pa
      Apr 01, 2010

    To follow up on the above experience, we called back in the next morning and finally reached a customer service agent who knew what she was talking about. Woohoo, one out of four! It was indeed a loan origination fee of 10% (9.98). Yikes. They had a survey of how likely we are to recommend them, 1-10, they got a 1. We are paying off asap and will hopefully have built our credit enough with this loan so that we never to have to use such a predatory institution again.

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  • Da
      Oct 31, 2010

    I agree with all these posts as far as predatorial approaches in luring inocent and insecure people into making them think that you'll get your money and you'll be fine after that. If you are military, than I would be a 110% sure that it was plunged into your head as soon as you got to your new unit or duty station, that every business that has military in it is somewhat a rip-off. There are ligitimate businesses and programs out there that really help military personnel, good ups for them, but most are ligitimately conducting business. And any kind of business looks to get a profit. Here's three things to think about:

    1. If you can't manage your finances well enough to avoid applying for loans (besides its borrowing money to pay for money you already borrowed), then you set yourself up not PIONEER MILITARY LENDING. Their just trying to make a business and they've been around for quite a few years now.

    2. Ain't no complaining about paying bills when your in the military, especially if you have some kind of security clearance. Think about it--you can't pay your bills--you loose your security clearance--you loose your job or reclass to do something you don't want to do.

    3. If you signed it, YOUR AN IDIOT!!! I'm sure if your in the military then I'll assume you can read and if you can read you can read the interest rate and the hidden fees on your contractual aggreement you're about to be bind in with Pioneer Military Lending.

    Here are a couple of tips:
    The more the interest rate...the more you'll pay.

    The less your monthly payments, the more you'll pay and the longer you'll be paying it.

    If it doesn't look right, don't might get a better offer at "cash advance" or something like that.

    If you signed the contract and took the money??...then your screwed anyways by Pioneer..don't screw yourself by being late on your only gets harder..because Pioneer is RIGHT!!!

    Bottomline is if you need the money...sign the it off asap..then drive on and don't put yourself in that position again. But complaining about their service and not paying your bills will get you no where. Good luck on your future financial decisions.

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  • Mi
      Nov 15, 2010

    I've experienced the same thing. Harassment is their way of doing business, which isn't illegal... or is it?

    § 806. of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Harassment or abuse

    A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:
    (1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or prop- erty of any person.
    (2) The use of obscene or profane language or language the natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.
    (3) The publication of a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting the requirements of sec- tion 603(f) or 604(3)1 of this Act.
    (4) The advertisement for sale of any debt to coerce pay- ment of the debt.
    (5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number.
    (6) Except as provided in section 804, the placement of telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the caller’s identity.

    If anyone hears of a class-action lawsuit against this company for harassment, please let me know! I'm all in!

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  • Ny
      Jan 13, 2011

    HORRIBLE company. They are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. They harrass and threaten even before the payment is due. My brother was having open heart surgery and they were calling everybody in my family telling them there is a family emergency and if I do not contact them (and they never said who or what they were calling for) something bad was going to happen. They told my 80 year old mother that something had happen to my husband and that I needed to contact them immediately. They use ASG collections and call your neighbors, friends, family over and over even if the payment is not due. DO NOT USE PIONEER MILITARY LOANS FOR ANY REASON!!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 08, 2011

    I have just paid off the balance of my loan on 4 Feb 2011 and as of today 8 Feb 2011 I am still recieving emails saying that if I dont pay my payment my account is in danger of being reported to the credit bureau. This lender needs to get their facts stright. Oh and as always when they are wrong and know they are wrong they dont appologize for it, they blame it on their computers.

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  • Ju
      Feb 18, 2011

    Seems like a clear and concise description of a predatory lender. All concerned should report to the FTC and your local congress rep. Also refer to your states individual statue of limitations regarding debt collection practices. Federal and state laws offer penalties civil and criminal for corporations and there officers who violate the fair debt collections act. Just as well as financial obligations contractual and verbal are upheld by states individual statutes federal law ultimately and fairly defines the rights of consumers.

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  • So
      Feb 20, 2011

    I had a problem with that company...I was on deployment and somebody in my command used my personal information to take out a loan. When I confronted pioneer about the fraud they told me I was lieing and I just don't want to pay any money. Told them to send me papers proving that I took a loan out and they would not explaining to me that I a m iresponsible which pissed me off. I have reported this fraud to the credit bureau and repeatly sent request to have them take that crap of my credit report. Also sent a bank statement of there allege deposit into my account. This all happen 2 and a half years ago. Got a call last week from a disrecspectful employee yelling and threathening me...told them over and over I reapeatly ssent them proof and asked them to prove to me I got the loan which they said to me quot sir u took that loan out u need to understand that. I only deal with usaa and navy federal. I guess I need to higher a atorny to deal with this crap. They r very rude.

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  • Kt
      Mar 28, 2011

    My husband & I don't have the best credit at all, but Pioneer helped us out when we needed to see family members on a last minute notice. We have had 3 loans w/them plus refinance twice successfully & paid them off & currently have 1 newly opened loan with them & we never had a problem with our loans being paid for. I mean it's really hard to mess up your dfas allotment. We did however have double payments being taken out to payoff our account early & that was where the problem lies at. We had our 1st. Pioneer Loan in the Summer of 2007 & desperately needed money to accomodate my husband with supplies for him to take to Afghanistan because everyone knows in the military that the gov't. doesn't provide all the essentials that our military needs. My husband being an E-7 career infantry man we made sure we bought supplies for him that he could benefit from during his time in Sangin Aghanistan. With using half of our pay to purchase needed items we knew we couldn't apply for another loan due to us already financing our previous loan. Thank goodness for family providing us w/the much needed funds during his time off to deploy in March. Well 3 months later after my husband left I wanted to check up on our loan account online & noticed that we were eligible to refinance our loan again, but knew I just wanted to pay this off. Later that morning I received a phone call from Pioneer Military loans stating to me that the bank they bank with First Citizens bank of Kentucky had over $5, 000.00 in an account & if I wanted the funds they would wire the funds to me with my proof of P.O.A. copy of military I.D. back & front & bank acct. # & name of my financial institution. The entire time that my husband and I thought we were paying off our loan in double payments we weren't. When I spoke with an employee from The First Citizen's Bank of Kentucky she told me that was one of the biggest problems that they faced with customers from Pioneer & Armed Forces military loans. The system has a flaw in it not allowing to take out more than 1 payment even if you had input 2 or more payments for your loan. That $5, 000.00 was something my husband and I could've benefited at the time before he left to Afghanistan & made our time less stressful. Now we always have money doubling all the time & we just leave it at The First Citizen's bank & only take it out when we need emergency money for ourselves. If anyone out there who had input in their dfas allotment for double or more payments CALL The First Citizen's bank of Kentucky & speak to a rep. to see if you have money put away in an account there. You will be surprised juast as we were & can use the money to just pay off your current loan with Pioneer or use the money for things you might need at the time. Good luck everyone!

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  • Cr
      Apr 19, 2011

    Ok, so I have been dealing with Pioneer since 2005 and I myself have never had an issue. My payments always come out on allotment so I never miss a payment, and they have always been more than helpful when i called about anything. I paid off 2 loans through them and recently got another, I called they pulled up my account and said that there would be no problem helping me considering my strong payment history. Yes their interest rates are high, but they helped me when no one else would and for that I am thankful and pay as I signed the conract to pay...and No I am not a pioneer employee...8 years Army here anf pioneer also helped rebuild my credit.

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  • Na
      May 05, 2011

    Welll to all the people on this forum, I started a Facebook Page to eliminate this threat. People on here can say that they did not have trouble with them. Well the answer is you need look at your finances, i bet you pioneer is taking money from you and you dont know that. Heres the Facebook page!/pages/Pioneer-Military-Loans/158780557518412 YOu might have to copy and paste...Lets get 1, 000 supporters before this year is over!!! I will be posting valuable information about situations you can a rise by when over coming this military loan scam. They will fall and people will know... Thanks and HOORah

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  • Gm
      May 22, 2011

    this bank is ran by computer systems. I am surprised that they can even find anyone to pick up the phone and take incoming calls. It takes about 3 days for them to answer the phone though. This is just the icing on the cake with this bank however. I have had two loans with this bank, of which both were fully paid off, however during the time I had the 2nd loan they stopped reporting my payments and I had to dispute them to all three credit companies so that they would start reporting my current status and bumping my credit to where it should have been. This company only cares about finding soldiers and sailors who need a little cash fast and giving them a large interest rate as well as throwing in a few debt protection and military blah blah blah dollars in on your loan hoping you won't catch on when you hit accept. This last time I figured I would just see what the bank would offer us now that we paid off two full loans with them. ha ha get this the bank offered me the same amount as before with a tiny bit lower interest rate but higher payments. Opened up the view full details and seen that they were trying to stick me with a refinance on my most previous loan I had just paid off in full a month before the application was put in. I called them and they appologized and said they would send an email to the loan officers to get that amount taken off and that they agreed I shoudn't be paying for something that was paid off. I get an email an hour later asking for bank statements showing my last payment with them on my previous loan. So I sent that to them and also sent them their own paperwork and the paid in full sheet that I recieved on the site after the loan was paid off. ha ha ha okay sorry I just started to realize at this point that this bank had to be ran by computers and the computer couldn't acknowledge the screw up or the people who work there are complete idiots because I logged back on today and they had finalized everything except I went in to view full details and the corrupt ### tried to add the refinance on there again. I canceled my app and sent them their own email saying that the issue was taken care of and no refinace would be added to the loan application. Wonder what they will say??? This is the worst bank ever. Do not get swindled into using their company for fast cash. GO to marine corp relief society and get assistance before you ever use Pioneer military loans. OHHHHHH and go into the legal office on base and ask for a list of lenders they warn military members to stay away from, guess who is at the top of that list!!! yup Pioneer

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  • Pi
      Jul 22, 2011

    I agree 200%. This company is horrid. My husband and I have paid off several of their loans, and currently my husband is being forced out due to his dead end Army MOS, and lack of progression past E5. Yes, he is getting severence, and yes we will be using that to be DONE with this company. We both signed up for debt protection on these loans, and they seem to find a loop hole to keep themselves in your pockets.

    Obviously any of us with a Loan understand that it is a debt we need to pay for, and you simple minded people who live obliviously in a land filled with rainbows, butterflies, and what not, who think that hard times don't happen, can pull your head out of your you know what. They threaten your security clearance, your credit (which doesn't make sense, if you took out a loan from these scoundrels in the first place, you probably don't have great credit), and numerous other things.

    Please take it from me, and the rest of us, do NOT take loans from these people. You might think you need this to build your credit, but there are other, safer ways to do so, say, starting with your own financial institution. I sure wish I did.

    I have been harrassed, cussed out, threatened, you name it. By several different people. I wrote a cease and decist letter, and sent them my email address and mailing address. I refuse to speak to anyone over the phone for that simple fact. If they want to contact me, they will do so in writing, that way it is documented, so in the event they mess up just once, I will nail them to the wall.

    Here is one woman who is horrid, let me know if you have dealt with her: Dawn McGrew. She is the only one who contacted me by email after the nasty phone calls. The man who called me is probably the same one some of you have had the "pleasure" of speaking with.

    I also second the class action lawsuit against bad debt collection practices. If anyone hears of this, feel free to let me know

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  • Bi
      Aug 18, 2011

    I went through the process with these people, and have had no problems. I did happen to ask the lady behind the counter "what happens when my loan is paid off?" She told me that nothing would happen. She told me that I would have to end the allotment. I asked her what would happen theoretically if I were deployed when the loan was payed off, and she told me that i would continue making that payment every month until the allotment is ended. When I asked her if someone would be reimbursed for overpaying at any period of time, and without even batting an eyelash, the lady shrugged and said no.

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  • Pc
      Aug 25, 2011

    my husband got a loan from them everything was good until we moved we ask them if we can have an our first extention
    they said not a i talk to the guy myself then next thing my husband came home and told me they called his work saying
    we were not paying after we talk to them thank god our payments are almost over would never go there again.beware they will try to ruined your career
    instead of helping are drops there bringing them down

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  • Sp
      Oct 12, 2011

    My husband and I took out a loan from pioneer over 16 months ago for 1800. Not once have we been late on our payments however much to my suprise I found out today that after a over 1700 dollars in payments we still owe and amazing 1100! And that is without the interest that will continue to be attatched! How in the world can this be? I was astounded! I have called the company in the past to ask if we could pay the loan off in one solid payment to finally be done and over with this horrible company and was told that it WAS NOT ALLOWED! The interest alone is killing us as a family of 5 with an E4 salary. It is true, our credit is not the best, but as a company advertising to help the military and the military family we expected much more respect and integrity! This is not an complaint from a family that is not accepting our responsibilty. We have fully taken on all payments and have done so in the manner scheduled by these leaches! I just hope this message reaches at least one employee so that you can see that you should be disgusted and ashamed of yourselves for treating Americas veterans and heroes in such a manner.

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  • Ti
      Oct 24, 2011

    I have an account with Pioneer as well. For a long time, I have been paying for it with an allotment. I informed them a month before I EAS'ed that I would be leaving the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge and that I would be paying monthly bill through check once I received my final pay from the USMC. They agreed and let me know we were all set. Well, I received a call from someone at Pioneer last week that my account was past due in the amount of 600+ dollars. This is impossible as the last alloment paid was in
    September for over 300. I had a prequalification letter for a mortage and now I can't enter an agreement of sale because they reported this alleged "late payment" to the credit bureau, dropping my score OVER 30 POINTS! I am trying to figure out what to do. My income is much lower at this point, as I am still waiting on a disability rating from the VA and just started my new job. I really do not want to pay this extra amount. I have no problem paying off this loan, but to report a late payment that was never late is ridiculous and makes me want to not pay them at all. Also, they told me I was in breach of contract due to my allotment stopping after I TOLD them I was gettting out of the Marine Corps. Nowhere in this contract did it state I had to stay in as I had the required amount of service left on contract to get the loan in the first place. What can I do??

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  • La
      Mar 16, 2012

    My problem with Pioneer is that they have taken out 2 payments this month and lied by saying we set it up. We asked them to show us proof no one could. Then they claim they didn't have our checking account number which is totally false because that's were they sent the money for the loan. They are refusing to acknowledge that they made a mistake and took it out of our account.

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  • No
      Jul 31, 2012

    I am not a Pioneer employee and I haven't dealt with them on a missed payment issue. However from what I am reading most of these complaints appear to be a failure to comply with the terms of the loan as well as a failure to read. I have just taken out a loan with them in an effort to rebuild my credit. I wasn't pleased with the 24% interest rate but I realize it's the price I have to pay for having a bankruptcy on my credit due to divorce. NO ONE else would give me a loan even with property as collateral. In addition I was charged a $426 loan origination fee which was disclosed in the terms before I clicked accept. In an effort to limit some of the interest I have made a $4500 payment so that when my bill generates I am only paying interest on $1000. Now if they are being rude in their services WHEN you become late that's wrong. All of my dealings with them have been courteous and professional.

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  • An
      Oct 05, 2012

    I had a loan for $6000. in 2008. I went through some hard times and stopped paying off and on for an entire year. I've paid a total of $6050 in payments, in fact my last payment was when i returned from Afghanistan, I sent them $2000 in hopes of re-opening the account and getting it out of there collections because I want to get them off my credit. After sending them some money to show good faith ($2000) they are not willing to work with me because I cant afford to send them another payment of $750. I can send money but not that much so they replied that I know owe $8, 500 in full and will not communicate with me until I have the money. Like I said before, over the past 3 1/2 years I've paid a total of $6050 for a $6, 000 loan and somehow I owe $8, 500. They kill you on interest and late fees, they are the biggest rip off of my entire life and biggest mistake on my part. Do not borrow from them.

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  • An
      Oct 05, 2012

    also, if there is anyone here saying anything good about pioneer they are an empoyee, let me tell you why. Ask yourself, have you ever gone to a complaint website to go and say something good? Duh, of course not, I have a great relationship with my auto finance company Capitol One but I have never been suddenly interested in going to a complaint website to say something good about them. Come on really? Please, I will keep posting, stay away from this company no matter how bad you need the money, especially if you need the money because you are less likely to pay them back and get stuck in there never ending payments due to sky high interest and late fees.

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  • Th
      Oct 13, 2012

    Don't accept this new amount. Just don't. From now on you need to document everything if you have not been doing that. You need to have complete evidence of the payments you have made, up to date. There's no way the new owed amount is now suddenly something they pull out of their backsi... I mean somewhere. You need to start recording all your phone calls with them. But the best way to deal with them is by CMRRR. Once you are organized like this if they sue you tell them great! At least you have a chance to deal with intelligent form of human life-the judge, went to college you know unlike the debt collectors. Then tell the judge the same story. But here's my bet as long as you have not refused to make a payment towards the legitimate amount owed even the collector knows they don't have a case and they do not have any grounds to sue. Continue making a payment of whatever you can. And BTW that throws their computer systems into an LOL confusion.

    Anyway you need to educate your good self on your consumer rights under federal laws first, FDCPA and FCRA. Hit google on these:-
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick.


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  • Lu
      Oct 27, 2012

    All good info. Thanks for keeping me from screwing myself

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  • Lu
      Oct 27, 2012

    Thanks for the heads up

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  • In
      Jan 05, 2013

    This company is horrible. Made 2 payments on accident in a month and per my bank BOTH of them cleared. Their online system sucks so I realized 2 payments went through. They refunded one of them. After receiving the refund, one of the other payments should have posted to my account. nope. They said that they didn't receive the other payment aka where the hell did it go??! Both cleared, and per my bank statement I received one back. No payments were ever posted to my account and they denied anything regarding the other payment my bank said went through. WTH! No accountability with the payments. The customer rep tried to make me sound like I was an idiot. I don't fricking get it. Damn sharks out there. I appreciate the loan, but I don't appreciate the horrid customer care and non-existent financial accountability.

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  • Be
      Feb 27, 2013

    I was a victim of identity theft. The person took a loan out through Pioneer Military Loans using my stolen military identification. Pioneer allowed the person to do this without checking for valid information on the application submitted. As of 2006, my credit was cleared of this, so I thought. The past few months I've been getting alerts from this company and I found out they allowed the person that stole my identity to start making payments on the loan they open with my identification because she said her identity was stolen. I still don't get this! What kind of crap is this? The best answer I can get's cheaper for us to accept payments from her to than to pursue legal actions against her. Even though they suspected her using the identity of at least two other service members. People, stay away from these people!!! This post alone should be enough to let you know this is not a good business.

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  • Th
      Feb 28, 2013

    Did you report to police and obtain a report? If not you should. Seek legal advice as well. No telling what else this person will off in the future with your ID if you don't nip this in the bud sooner than later.

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  • Cy
      Mar 29, 2013

    That's why I stopped caring and stopped the allotment, I always pay pioneer and always get the loan refinanced. They're not that helpful after awhile. I've been with them since 2006. I find omni more helpful than pioneer.

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  • Th
      May 10, 2013

    You should have taken out a ploice ID theft report. Then pursue the matter with the police, FBI, to have the thief arrested, stick it to pioneer for their demented attitude. Don't forget the credit bureaus so that all your records may be purged of this theft. Do everything in writing CMRRR.

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  • Me
      May 27, 2013

    Let me start by saying that I agree with you regarding the laws which are supposed to protect military people. But how about looking at this situation from the entirely different angle? How about letting military making their own decisions? Because surely it is totally up to them whether they want to or simply do not want to apply for loan.They are grown people and they must know how to handle such cases as their personal finance for instance! And there is also the third aspect, of course. The government has to create conditions where military do not need to look for financial aid in the first place.

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  • Ta
      Jun 13, 2013

    My husband and I got a trip home through Easy Military Travel who financed the trip through Pioneer Loans in Dec. 2012. We ended up not using Easy Military Travels services and ask that the financing be cancelled which they told us that everything was handled on their end, cancel the allotment, etc which we did. Six months down the road in June of 2013 a rep from Pioneer by the name of Nate Hamilton begins to contact me about our loan and that it was six months past due. He also stated that he has spoken to me numerous times in the past six months about this issue and that I never return his calls. I told him that I didn't even know who he was and I had never talked to him until that moment. I explained the situation that we had cancelled the financing with them, never received anything from either company, and we were under the impression everything was dealt with six months ago. If an account is so past due why are you not sending letters if you have our information as well as my husband's unit information? But rather calling six months after the whole thing happened. He then proceeded to tell me that I need to speak with my husband and call him back that day. We spoke to Easy Military Travel the same day and they said everything had been cancelled and nothing had been financed. Mr. Hamilton ended up calling me back and asked what we planned to do about the balance on the account. I told him there should be no balance as Easy Military Travel said that paperwork had been sent over but there was never a loan distributed because of the cancellation. Mr.Hamilton then begins to tell me that my husband could be in a world of hurt if his unit found out(They were already aware of the situation) and that he could get kicked out of the military if this problem isn't taken care of. He then hung up on me and called my mother asking questions about myself and my husband. I called him back and he refused to speak to me other than to tell me the account is about to be charged off because we refuse to pay and have a nice day. I called back and requested to see the loan documents that were sent over. Today, June 13, 2013 I spoke to a Carolyn who told me she would be sending me the loan documents. After looking at the loan documents from Pioneer and the original loan documents from Easy Military Travel we realized that the my husband's signature on the Pioneer document is completely different from the signature on the Travel documents. I got in contact with a Ms.Dare who works in the fraud department who told that my husband must of signed two different documents and that its not her problem. I explained to here that we only signed one set of documents and that was with Easy Military Travel. She was very rude and hung up on me. She then called back, left me a voicemail that contained enough attitude to get a teenager through her teen years. The voicemail stated that she couldn't help us if I continue to hang up on her and to actually just have my husband call her as it was his account. Do you really think I'm going to have my husband call someone who has been nothing but rude to me after being at work for 12 plus hours? I think not! Once I called back to speak to a supervisor I was transferred around, hung up on, told by one person we didn't have a loan, another told me that it was about to be charged off, another told me that it was charged off and I needed to contact the third party collections agency.(Surprisingly no one could tell me the collection agency's contact information) I'm still waiting on someone to call me back to tell me what is going on since every story seems to change in the five minutes that I'm hung up on and I call back. I understand every business has to make money but being rude isn't the way to make money at all. Threatening people isn't the way to do it either. Especially if you can't even keep your stories straight. They don't have their customer's best interest in mind. Doesn't matter if they are military or not

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