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On February 8 2016 my 55 inch Panasonic tv was collected because two hd plugs had stopped working. I was told it had to go to DBS which specialises in this repair got on to the doncaster shop they said they would call but never did finally went in to the shop they suggested the complaints department call them to help they said they would look in to it and call back but never did nearly 3 months I got a call from the complaints manager saying my TV had been repair and will be returned. They bought the TV in I tried it but still the hd plugs where not working they took it back very angry at this point I went back to the doncaster shop the assistant told me an engineer had repaired it he was off sick when it came in so it went to DBS but they had sent it back saying it had been repaired but when the engineer had call DBS they said they couldn't fix it but it was still sent back to me saying on the notes that it had been fixed. I rang complaints again and asked what is the point of complaining when the information they are given is a lie I had been told my TV will be returned on Friday but I'm not jumping for joy at that perfect homes is a company that people like me can't afford new thing but paying weekly for them gives people like me a choice but the amount of money you pay for this is you expect a better service but take my word if you want something new save because these people are only bothered about your money MR ELLIS

Apr 06, 2016
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      Apr 07, 2016

    Mr. Ellis, thank you for providing feedback concerning your experience with the independent repair facility. Since your inquiry reached our US team, we recommend that you reach out to the customer service team if issue is not resolved using the following links.

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