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This place provides very poor quality. They do emt and paramedic classes with no actual lectures or real instruction, then have the nerve to charge you as much or more for tuition to a real program.

For your own sake, stay away.

Feb 15, 2015
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  • False. PERCOMOnline's courses contain presentation videos with audio lecture by PERCOMOnline instructors. Each program has an assigned EMS Instructor, and each instructor is reachable for questions and further guidance to students.

    Each program includes live skills training/testing sessions with LIVE instructors, and LIVE field rotations at hospital and EMS locations, with live preceptors.

    Tuition fee is about average when you actually do some checking with comparable online EMT programs.

    NOTE - The "Bearamedic" account only has 3 complaints on record, all towards PERCOMOnline, and all labelled in different cities. There is a good chance this is not even a prior student.

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