PepsiCo / aquafina water

My name is Robert Ford Welden were brought some water from Walmart, we always buy 2/3 cases each time we shop 1 a week. On 6/5/2018/ my wife open a bottle of water she went to drink we she saw something floating, she doesn't drink from it. l will sind a picture of the bottle to you. Bard code is 123A-218-0000-F0 121080 also when I had some of the water from the same case it taste funny. I hope y'll will reply to this buy 2 business days home phone [protected], [protected] cell phone. Before long have to turn over to the health department. I am not asking for anything just return my answer, and we're to take the bottle. Robert Ford Welden thank-you.


Jun 05, 2018

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