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On August 11, 2009 I when to Pep Boys in Phoenix to purchase new tires for my '02 Expedition. I was looking to replace my "Cooper" Brand Tires with the same exact tire, so I call the store closest to my work, got a price and told them I would be there in 20 minutes. The Service Manger, Elier F Romo, for whom I spoke, said they could get me right in. So twenty minutes later I pulled in and met with Elier. I had one person in front of me and Elier was the only one at the counter, so I waited about ten minutes and we worked up the service order on 4-new tires and then I added an oil change this was at 3:51PM according to the ticket. Elier tells me hour to hour half and I'll be all set. The truck was pulled into the work bay almost immediately and the new tires were already pulled up and stacked by the tires machine. Then at 5:15pm after some time observing the tire tech I realized that only two tires had been mounted on the rims the tech had been wandering around and on his cell phone, and all the tires still needed to be balanced and installed on the truck. So I went to find the Manager Elier Romo he was busy on his cell phone, so I watch the tire tech and timed him it took him only 7 minute to unmount the old tire, remove the old valve stem, install new valve stem and mount the new tire, which was filling with air. Hmmmm, at this point Elier came to find me and ask what was wrong, I told him that he promised me all my service would be done in 90 minutes, 1-1/2 hours and the time was up.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Phoenix, AZThe only comfort I was given was that he as the manager was aware of the problem and I should have seen things 3 weeks ago when they were really bad. As I stood there trying to calm my anger level for a few minutes, then I left the waiting room area to find Elier. In the five minutes that pasted Elier had left for the day, gee thanks Elier you’re really at the top of your game. I spoke with Chris the guy now at the counter and told him to just forget about the oil change, adjust the ticket so I can pay for the vehicle and leave once slow poke finishes my tires. Now we have a new issue the invoice as it is $15 more than I was originally quoted by Elier and Chris is lost as this is way above this technical expertise with the register computer. Twenty more minutes past as finally the only person worth keeping employed in my opinion is Vincent the Parts Manager who comes to the front to deal with me the angry bear who just wants to go home to his family for the day. Vincent adjust the invoice a few dollars more in my favor and got me out of there.
I now have a warranty through Pep Boys that I will never use due to the horrible service, but at least I have a good set of tires that will hopefully last me the next 60K of driving. I intend to contact Pepboys corporate office and will be writing a letter to them and Cooper Tires which brought me into Pepboys in the first place. Please see a picture I attached of the quality of work I received at Pep Boys and judge for yourself. Previous to this experience I was loyal to Discount Tire / America Tires another national chain and most certainly return to them in the future regardless of tire brand.

Pep Boys - Tires
Pep Boys - Tires

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