Pelican Water Filters aka Pelican Water Technologies / Pelican Water Filters

FL, United States

I hate the pelican water filtration system, along with their whole house filters. In fact, the pelican company is nothing but a bunch of fraudsters trying to push you around. I wasn't happy with pelican water technologies, and so instead of asking me how to make things right they threatened me!

I had to go online and read their supposed "reviews" when trying to decide what to buy, and it's nothing more than a scam trying to coax you into buying their products. Don't believe what they say for a minute, because it's biased and you cannot trust them. If you are looking for reputably good water company beware, pelican is not what you should be looking for!

Be careful because pelican water also goes by the name pelican water technologies, also a MLM name, no dobut the owners are involved in a shell game trying to convince you to buy more of their products without realizing it's all the same company!

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