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Peach Direct / Fraudulent business practices!

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I placed an order with peach direct on 3/25 for a gucci watch for my sister, at which time i was told the product will be shipped within 2 to 3 weeks. I waited and waited and finally by 5/15, i ran out of patience and i called to find status. At which time, i was told to expect the product by the end of the week. I waited and again nothing. So i called them and i was told to call after 5 days as they had no information. I called after 5 days and told them, i needed the product by 6/10 if not, i did not need the product as it was a birthday gift for my sister. They told me, if i had a problem then cancel the order but at present they had no information and i was asked to call after 5 days. This went for a while and finally on 6/13 i took their advise and canceled the order on 6/13. I asked customer service to give me verification # etc to confirm my order will be canceled. But i was told, no such thing will be provided and peach direct will cancel the order. I accepted this in good faith.

On june 15th, i came home to find a package from peach direct, i did not open the package and immediately called peach direct to find out where i can send back the package, but i was told that since i accepted the package i was liable. But i told them, i did not accept the package, since i was not here when the package arrived which clearly shows on the ups log that i did not sign for the package. But the customer care person did not care for my explanation and kept repeating it was company policy.

I again called today at 5.59 am -6/16 and told peach direct, as per the satisfaction guarantee statement, it clearly states, that the customer can return the goods within 15 days upon receipt of package, in which case they will be provided with a refund. So i asked them, where should i courier the package to? They told me, they will send return labels and only upon receipt of return labels can i return the goods. When asked when will i receive the return labels, they informed me it will take 2 to 3 weeks!!, but then i would have missed the 15 day deadline. Since, so far this company has not exactly given me confidence in their ability or professionalism, i informed them, i would rather ship it at my expense and asked for confirmation of address. But they refused and was told to wait for return labels!!

So what happens, if i don't get the return labels? Also in the of chance i do get the labels and return it, and then i am told that i missed the deadline? Has anyone gone thru this before? How do i resolve this situation? Any help will be highly appreciated!!! I wish i had never heard of this company!!!

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      16th of Jul, 2007
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    I don't even know where to begin-as this has just been a nightmare for me. It all started when I decided too quickly to order a tv from Peach Direct-My credit was screened and accepted immediately-the order was taken. Three or four weeks later-no notice of delays in shipping-I checked for tracking-The whole system has holes-no information besides your order can be found-everything is automated- NO REAL PEOPLE TO TALK TO. I spent enormous amounts of time talking to NO ONE and getting NO WHERE. I did find this board and got in contact to DKIM at Peach Direct-He said everything an upset consumer would want to hear-he canceled my order which had not shipped as of that day - assuring me it was canceled and gave me GE Moneys phone number to cancel the card.

    Well-Trusting him-I thought all was well-and 2 weeks later I received a call from a freight delivery-I declined shipment of the Tv and had them return the order. Today I received a bill from GE Money for $1,149.00-yet I have received NOTHING. I have gone to Peach Directs site to contact them-you click on contact and all you get is their 1800 number-When you call that it runs you through a computer that gives your information on how much you owe and where to send $$-no one to speak to-I tried to phone GE Money-and THE SAME THING-NO people to speak to-all computers telling you where to send your $$-this is so frustrating I can't believe they can do this to people. We are trying to refinance our house right now and close in 20 days...This is going to ruin my credit if I cannot contact someone. I will try and contact DKim-he just seems to tell people what they want to hear-Do not believe it-he even tells people at the end of the conversation to please write to this board and write some good of Peach Direct and how they tried to resolve any problems that may have been.

    This is a huge mess-I am going to have to write a dispute through the mail-but even so I just see myself at a Legal Office very shortly...Most of all-this is just a huge waste of time for me-DKim-the freight Delivery company who tried to deliver a tv I canceled shipment on and GE Money Bank. Peach Direct will not see a cent from me so this transaction was nothing but a loss to them...They will fail in the end and will try and pull as many people down with them. Do not order from them-Do not even fill out the application for credit-You know that saying-"It's too good to be true" well this is one of those cases.

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      13th of Aug, 2007
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    I am sorry everyone seems to be having problems with the company. I for one ordered a 42in Philips on 8-6. Was given a tracking number for a and the package will be here on 8-15. The site is not a scam. GE MONEY BANK is indeed a real bank out of Utah. The company used to have problems due to understaffing and over-orders, but all kinks seem to be worked out. If you need ANY assistance from PeachDirect, contact and he will FOR SURE help you out.

    Hope this helps! Hopefully everyone gets what they wanted...

  • Na
      4th of Nov, 2007
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  • Lr
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    I agree with the issues with Peach Tree, it appears they don't keep the items on stock, but order them from the provider. Well I did as Mr. Holes suggested and contacted and he indeed got things moving. He made personal phone calls with regards to the delay and status of my order. There was even a problem with the system upon receipt and he says we will send it back to get a new one....Now that's Class A service. So I am hear as a pleased consumer of Peach Direct.

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