PC Richard & Son / they want to charge me an additional $600 plus tax to repair the screen

317 Route 17 South, Paramus, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-201- 262-7676

I purchased a computer and a two year extended warranty for my daughter from PC Richard & Son . When I purchased the warranty, I was told that everything would be covered as long as the computer was not dropped or intentionally damaged. The LCD screen went out/cracked and now PC Richard & Son will not honor the warranty. They want to charge me an additional $600 plus tax to repair the screen. I reread the warranty and there is no mention that LCD screens are not covered. My daughter did not drop the computer nor maliciously break the LCD screen. She is attending Liberty University in Virginia and needs her computer for school and homework. I spent $200 on a warranty that is not being honored. I have had to ship the computer to another service company and my daughter is without a computer for school. I would like the amount of the warranty repaid to me since PC Richards is not honoring it anyway.

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