PC Richard & Son / pc richards & son salesperson joe botros jr.8246 that if something happens to the tv.

317 Route 17 South, Paramus, NJ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-201- 262-7676

I purchased a 60-inch plasma LG TV in April 2010 for $1, 600. The TV started acting up after 5 months by shutting off by itself, unable to control volume. Now 2 months later, the TV doesn't turn on and if it turns on, it does not have picture. I purchased extended warranty for 2 years for $129 and I was told by the PC Richards & Son salesperson Joe Botros Jr.8246 that if something happens to the TV, I can select a brand new TV for the price I purchased the original one and they will deliver the new TV and replace the old one. I even purchased HDMI cable for $150 because the sales person said that would work way better with this TV.

So after spending $1, 800, I am getting a service that is not acceptable. I made an appointment with the service people and they advised me completely different. They came out with attitude to begin with, they said I will not get a new TV and they will need to take the TV to get it repaired for 2 weeks. So I need to stare at a big empty wall for 2 weeks.

PC Richards & Son uses false sales technique to get their products sold. I was not aware that if anything happens to the TV, they will need to get it sent out to repair which will take weeks. Also, this TV is still under manufacturer's warranty being under 12 months so they should be able to ship it back to the manufacturer. I am extremely unhappy with the service I received from PC Richards & Son, especially that I heard their service was exceptional before. Well, I will definitely take my business to other stores where I get the service I deserve. I will also make sure I tell everyone I know not to ever purchase anything from PC Richards & Son as this has been a horrible experience.


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