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Paul Blanco / False Statements/Promises/Conduct

1 2200 Fulton AveSacramento, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 916.485.2277

My brother and his girlfriend and myself went to Paul Blanco on Fulton to look at a car my brother had seen online for 9, 885.00. We get there after an hour and 15 min car ride, and we were put with a sales rep named Rick. This salesman was rude, rolled his eyes, condescending and impatient. We told him our budget asked for the cars that fit what we could afford. He leaves comes back says well I've printed out your online app and we're running your credit we'll look after we get the numbers back. We said uh ok. odd to us cause usually you look first then finance, but we said let'see where this goes. He comes back with a car key to a PT Cruiser, we read the key chain and said is that for us? He says yeah we said no. That's not going to work, we have no interest in this car. He drops the key rolls his eyes and says "why not! Whats wrong with this car?!" I told him our reasoning and said again we will pass. He says "There's nothing wrong with this car! I sell 20 of them a month!" I said ok, but you're not selling one to us, do you have any other cars. He picks up the key and says "unless you're gonna go up in price, then no. This is what you got". We said ok, thank you for you time. Stood up went to shake his hand and leave, he says wait folks just give me a minute, leaves goes to the managers office comes back says "I'm a god!!" We said "I'm sorry?" Rick says come on I got a car you'll love let's go take it for a ride. I
ll pull it around" By this time he's at the door opening it, gesturing to us to follow. We are all looking at each other like "What?" I said "Whoa, wait a second let's talk terms first" Rick says "Terms...what for??!! (as he rolls his eyes)" I said "the terms, are they accepting the down payment? are the payments as we need it? " Rick says "I don't know any of that" I said "excuse me? how can you not know that? no we aren't test driving anything, until we know that it's a car we want and can afford" He comes back to the desk drops the key, plops down in the seat exhales (loudly) and as he's rolling his eyes, says "What's your problem folks?!, I mean why are you here? Di you actually come here to get a car or what? Did you just drive out here to see where you stand?!? I mean you got Mr Blanco back there calling in favors, talking to banks and you're not even willing to test drive a car!" I said "first of all, we came here to look at one car. We passed by a lot of dealerships on our way over here, we could have stopped but we didn't, Do you think we would have driven over an hour to get here to not buy a car? But we are not buying a car that we don't want or isn't going to fit our needs or budget. So unless you have something for us, yeah we are leaving, it's a waste of our time to stay here, if you're not listening to us." Rick says "ok, ok will you at least look at the car?" We said yeah we'll look at the car, but we're not driving it and don't pull it out, we can go to it. He says "Well, it's not going to cost you anything, I'm not going to charge you" (Now, I'm getting pissed) The customer next to us says outloud "That sales rep has a smart mouth, he is rude as hell!! I'm having a hard time holding my tongue. I said don't tell management what's going on.
So we walk out to see a descent car that has peeling paint and contact scratches (like they scraped a wall with the bumper or another car). So, we ask about it, is there an accident on the carfax? He says "I don't know" We said is there anything we need to know? he says "I don't know" we said "fine what do you know? What's the price "he said man I don't know that! It's a used car!! What do you expect?? We don't know the price of the car until we get the loan info from the bank!" I said "what?? how do you not know the price of the car, you need to submit the price of the car to get the loan, the bank doesn't do that" he says "the price changes for each person". We said "then why do you have prices on your website?" He said "oh those are what the car's worth, not the price" We said "thank you we're done here" Again he rolls his eyes and says "what do you want dude, style or price??" My brother says "is it too much to ask for both? " So, he says at least come in and look at the loan documents and see if it works for you, they are ready and it'll take five mins, we said five mins? he says yeah 5 mins. We come in sit down and wait 15 mins goes by he comes back sits down and we said " where's the bank offer? he says oh they're still working on it" We said "that's it we're out of here" He goes "what, you said you'd wait!" we said " YOU said it was ready, it'll take five mins! it's been 20 and they're still working on it! No, thank you for your time!!" We walked out and he goes to the manager's office and this guy comes running out (literally running!) It was Mr Blanco, he comes out yelling at us "FOLKS YOU CAN GO AHEAD AN LEAVE, I'M NOT GONNA STOP YA!, BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU'RE RUINING YOUR CREDIT BY HAVING ALL THESE PEOPLE PULL YOUR REPORT, NO ONE ELSE AROUND YOU WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH BUT I WILL. IF YOU LEAVE NOW, EVEN IF THIS BANK APPROVES YOU, YOU WILL NOT GET A CAR ANYWHERE ELSE AND IF YOU GET AN APPROVAL WITH THIS BANK AND YOU DON'T BUY THE CAR FROM ME THE BANK WILL! NOT! APPROVE YOU AGAIN FOR 90 DAYS, So, we tell him we need to talk in private, the sales rep says ok, I look over at him said "IN PRIVATE JUST HIM AND US" mr blanco tells him to go back inside we talk to mr blanco, he barely acknowledges our concerns and we says "please come back inside and if I can't help you and you find a car somewhere else I will fax over the approval to them so you won't have another ding on your credit report, we said o under those terms yeah we'll wait for the offer, but we want a different rep. He says yes I'll get you another rep. Don't worry about that. Now, he got us another rep with the Initials EC. He is awesome, and wish we had him in the beginning, unfortunately we ran out of time and had to leave (it was almost 9 and we got there at 6) so, we go to another dealership Big Time dealership begging with F and in=ending in D and they were awesome as we knew they would be, found out...if you're approved through a bank for a loan, it's good no matter where you go for 30 days, and it's illegal for any dealership to fax over approval docs to another dealership. So, yeah we won't be back, we've been told that people have brought in cars there and have been so upside down in the loans from Paul Blanco that they can't get out of them, so, buy there at your own risk.

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  • Ho
      2nd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    i agree i got my car there it came with some many problems.. im so upside down no dealer will take it. my sister got a car with them and shes having some many problems as well... i wish i could go back in time and run! this place sucks! i advice anyone to run! dont get a car with them.

  • Ho
      2nd of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    by the way they lied to me i got stuck in a 5 year loan. they told me it was a 3 year old.. i trusted them and now im stuck.

  • Dj
      13th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    How can you get" stuck with a 3 year loan"? You signed the contract, the terms were spelled out for you, if you didn't read the numbers, who is to blame? YOU!

  • Dj
      13th of Nov, 2012
    +3 Votes

    So did Lycanchic buy a car? It sounds like they did a lot of "just looking", Why did they go to Paul Blanco in the first place? A safe bet would be they don't pay their bills and have "BAD" credit and got turned down everywhere else they went.. But they won't admit it..

  • Li
      7th of Mar, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a car from Paul blanco, they went from EZ auto solutions to fresh start, they changed the company name because so many complaints, the cars they sale are auctioned car, which is fine but knowing this the average customer should be able to purchase their own vehicle without top credit, and you do not need the interest fees that are to high. This is the least of my worries, they sold me a car that had parts missing, i was told by them it was one owner and the car was not salvaged. When i mentioned this to paul blanco putu Blanco said i crashed the car and car fax does not lie. I asked so when did this accident happen they gave me the date i purchased the car...lies...a real dealership found a rust damaged vehicle, the motor mount were broke, Hayes brothers and Ford motor company said they have more business because repairs from Paul blanco and they have many complaints Paul Blanco.should be ashamed by their lack of professionalism. ...they sold me a "Katrina Car" a unsafe fire hazard. My email is i will submit all the nightmare paperwork and the responses they ignore with BBB AND DMV, please check out the complaints and do your homework. I picketed today and had the sheriff and highway patrol called on me. They came out and said if i had a better job, i could by a car from another dealership. Putu aka anna blanco and the step brother Jeff Blanco are the ringleader of the fraud business

  • Ne
      11th of Aug, 2014
    +2 Votes

    class action lawsuit if we all pull together, they scammed my son and elderly mother. We plan on suing. I will check for responses
    They picked the car and falsified income statements to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo dropped the loan and now they want to re-po it. They took advantage of a first time buyer and an elderly woman as a co-signer and defrauded the bank. They said the bank said they had to purchase a certain vehicle, now I get some people should be smarter to know better, but you can't get past the falsified statements and they took a trade in and cash for a down.They prey on people. Everyone who is with me post a response I will check in 48 hours, and be getting an attorney (Consumer) and an advocate for the elderly.

  • Ti
      21st of May, 2016
    +1 Votes

    If I could give this place a 0 star rating I would. First off, we walked in and the first sales rep went out of his way to tell us they had nothing under 10k. I found this a bit rude seeing how what we could afford or wanted to spend never came up. We decided to ignore the comment and contue to look around due to the inventory and they had a car that sparked our interest per the webpage.

    After about 10 minutes of walking around, we were approached by another sales rep who was the worst sales rep I have EVERYTHING come across. Not only did he tell us we should leave if we weren't planning on buying anything, but continued to try to use intimidation and belittling of myself and my wife. When asked for his business card, he refused by saying "why? You plan to try to get me fired?" And then went on to try to throw in our face how he makes 8k a month which is more then we would ever make.

    The ONLY nice person we came in contact with was the lady at the front desk who gave us the corporate number and Freddie's name.

    Do not go here. We left there, went to carmax, bought a great car that same day. Which by the way was over 10k.

  • Ki
      25th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    Dont waste your time and money all you will get is a headache and high blood pressure dealing with this fraud company. They have terrible selection of cars. Nothing but lemons they get all the reject cars. So 2016 i was in a car accident someone ran a light hit and totaled my car out. Only after 2 1/2 months of having my car. So i did the law abiding thing. Called my auto insurance made the report. Then called my gap insurance. But wait the gap insurance come to find out they had not even received my gap insurance information from the dealership. So i called them and their response was oh i dont know what happened maybe they we waited to send all of the gap from others in a group because they didnt think id need it so soon. So after that got taken care of fast forward my auto insurance covered the entire balance to the lender. Which left a zero balance which left my gap insurance untouched. I then had the dealership cancel my gap insurance and signed for the cancellation. When i attempted to collect my refund for the un used gap policy. Paul blanco warranty department then told me OH NO YOU WONT GET ANYTHING BACK BECAUSE YOU OPENED A CLAIM WITH YOUR AUTO INSURANCE. Pause... In america by law in order to operate a vehicle it must be insured and when you buy car at dealership it has to be insured. When you get in an accident insurance is first thing they ask for. So because i did the law abiding citizen thing and reported it to my insurance which automatically opens a claim. That is reason they refused to give me my refund. So i called gap insurance company they said no the dealership is supposed to do refund i also called ca department of insurance consumers hotline they also stated the same thing. I have all my emails from all the correspondence from moment this nightmare began. Fast forward more i got my replacement car. Which had expired tags from aug 2016 i got the car in dec 2016 they said ok we will be sending your tags and a new licence plate and until then. Fast forward july 2017 after being very patient because i know things can take time and its a process. I called and had other staff send emails and leave messages. Its been 3 weeks and i still have yet to hear anything from LUPE (the dmv person) so today i called. And rep got me over to one of the floor managers who then started getting information from me as he is talking to me he is also asking someone who he said has more experience questions to help me. He then asked to put me on hold so he could figure it out. So hour past with me being on hold patiently all while during that hold nobody touched basis " sorry for the long hold were working on trying to resolve the matter can you please continue to hold" which i would have. Nope nobody ever returned. So i then took my other phone and called just to see if maybe they forgot about me. The rep who answered bless her because she went way above trying to get someone to help me. And she even got the run around and was frustrated by the lack of professionalism. So fast forward all she sent another email which she was told were closing in 10 min. So i ended up hanging up with her. And continued to be on hold with the phone i originally called on at that point i was on hold for 1 hour 45 min and 22 seconds. At 8 pm someone picked up the line and hung up in my face. After all of that. Instead of doing their job they put me on hold until it was time for them to go home. I got zero help nothing was resolved with my gap insurance and nothing resolved with tags and licence plate. Do not waste your time. Go to another dealership who has better cars, better service, honest. Not FRAUD BLANCO. They are a scam and will rip you off. And if anything happens to your car and you have gap insurance they will steal and pocket your money. Keep in mind i still have every single correspondence to back up everything i said in this. If i could they would have zero stars.

  • Ds
      19th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    Was told Zero Down yo get me in the door. not so need at least 1500.00 "for a way over priced POS". STAY AWAY Went with son thinking maybe Paul was stand up guy, NOT SO. RIP OFF 150% RIP OFF STAY AWAY STAY WAY STAY AWAY
    Suk it Paul

  • Fa
      12th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    @D stoll Thank you for your review, we truly value your feedback and want to assure you we truly care about you and your vehicle. Please give me a call directly at 916-394-8185 so we can go over your concerns and make it right.

    Fatima Williams

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