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Sunrise, FL, United States
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Purchased 2 packings of Sandesh sweets alongwith other grocery items and both the oackings had large fungus on the sweets. The fungus can be clearly scene as green color on the sweets pieces.

I am sure all other packing would have the similar fungi. Went to complain the other day and the store manager clearly said it is not their mistake, since the sweet packaging comes from Rajbhog. I asked them why the packing doens't have any expiry date and he gave me the same answer again that it is from Rajbhog sweets.

Pathetic !!! How can you pass the ball to Rajbhog sweets, customers come to Patel Brothers, not Rajbhog or any company to buy grocery. How can I trust Patel brothers, how can I trust buying any basic grocery item from their shop if they just blame the manufacturing company while we complaint. I tikd them they have tot ake this responsibility since this is Patel brothers where we are coming, we don't know Rajbhog or Rangoli or Deep. We just know you. How stupid is the answer that they don't hve to put expiry date on a food item. How do we know an item is good or bad before buying. Most of their sweet items or frozen foods don't have any expiry date. I went to them to talk to them casually, but they gave me this boiling answer that I was pissed off. I had to create a scene after this, although I din't plan for that.

My impression about Patel brothers completely changed today. Although this is the second time it happened to me, earlier we just threw the other item which was not eat-able. We din't complain that time.

It is not about money, it is about trust. We don't go to small grocery shops and just go to Patel Brothers, but now we can't even trust them.

Jul 24, 2016

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