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Paschall Truck Lines / Poor treament

1 Murray, KY, United States Review updated:

At PTL the drivers are treated like they are a bother or an enemy. Their staff is rude and disrespectful.They don´t want to hear anything from the drivers. They will assign you to one short crappy load after another. And the expect the drivers to just EAT IT!

Until very recently, PTL failed to invest in APUs even though most of us knew that fuel was going to be a problem. They expect drivers tp freeze in the winter and bake in the summer. Not caring about how this will affect the drivers health or his ability to drive safely.

If a driver idles the truck to stay warm or cool they will harrass the driver. Then if he still idles the truck, fire him. It dose not matter that you may be sitting in South Florida in August or Green Bay for 34 hours in Decembr for 2 to 3 days waiting on a load. You could die in the truck they would not care.

Road maint is a joke. Everything is a major hassle to get fixed. Even though they have e-shop it will still take forever to get something fixed. The road maint staff are also rude and don´t give a damm.

The management style of PTL is one of conflict or better pass the buck. Because it is privately owned Randall Waller can make all the stupid decisions he wants and he dose not have a board of directors to veto his stupid ideas.

Nobody can speak up and explain that maybe this is a bad idea. Management dosen´t want suggestions. If there is a problem they will kill the messenger. And money is the bottom line.

For instance, maintenance´s job is to cost effectively fix trucks and trailers. The trailer fleet is very old. They require a lot of repairs. At PTL it is better not to fix the trl and make it look like your department is within budget that to explain to the owner that his trailer fleet is old and that you dept needs more money to maintain them.

In operations the staff dose what´s easy and expidisous for them. At the cost of the driver and sometimes the company. They don´t care if they get you home for your kids birthday or holy communion. They don´t care if you miss appts. They could not care less if you are going broke and can´t suppoet your family. They will do what´s easiest for them. And if a driver speaks up, stands up forhimself, his miles will drop to nothing and will be fired. PTL wants mindless robots or slaves.

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      24th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree 100%. I got blackmailed to quit just right after Christmas. I got back to Murray after waiting 3 days for a load in bum [censored] Louisiana. And after I got home I came back and was promply let go. Cud they have done this before christmas and saved me the roundtrip crappy Greyhound bus trip. Well maybe not, cuz that wudda dampened Christmas. But the writting was on the wall. As back history, I overheard while waiting at the Training Dept desk back not too long after they cancelled the idiotic Students training students recruiting program, that they were looking to layoff as many students that they could. Well I tried to keep my nose clean. But I had an incident in Illinois at a Fedex/Watkins site where I scrapped a ballast with the driver side trailer tandems and bent the tires and the front of the tandem was off tracked. That was in Late Oct/early Nov 2008. Well, I had already went to Safety in Nov. and signed a probation letter that stated I could be let go for future occurances. Well After Xmas I was brought back in and told that the trailer substained $1500.00 damage and that the owner frowned on anything over $15.00!!! $15.00...I guess you could cause alot on $15.00.
    Well I was told I could leave it up to the owner to decide my fate and possibly be terminated and all the info put on my DAC report or I could resign and be scott free, nothing reported. This I considered Blackmail. But what could I do????? So I decided to resign. But later finding out most companies would let no more than two on your record like this and still hire you. PTL management is nothing but a bunch of arrogant SOB's whom I tried to be nice to, but they treat you like kids or slaves. There has been many times where I could tell they never listen to what you say even when you where in their face and would respond totally off topic from what you told them.
    I am glad I will never be considered back for employment becuase I shouldnt have worked for them in the first place.
    The miles were good at first, but tailed off considerably. Could care less you get home. Had hometime put in the Qualcomm at least 7 days in advance and was always sent to Florida!!! Florida is a hell hole for backhauls!!!
    And then after getting a load to Georgia while near columbus, Oh to stay there and wait for swap and sat two days in the cold and then they [censor]ed at us for waiting and tried to blame us for holding up the load.
    Again! They could care less about the driver or his pay.
    Their great pay package is training at $0.18/mi for 30, 000 mi (I worked Sept 29-Dec 31, 2008 and had only 21, 000 mi and I worked as a team driver and didnt clear the training period.)
    They paid $0.31/mi after training. And dont get me started about orientation. It sucked.
    They expected an semi trained driver to know in a few mins how to adjust the slack adjusters and then move on!!! Come on!! Also everyone lies. Said the orientation was 3 days, everyone in the class heard it and yet it was five days and they wouldnt pay us more and said noone told us that and passed the buck.
    This company is not one you want to work for, take it from me, not PTL, they will be biased. I had first hand working experience on their tactics.

  • 38
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    yep, , same ole PTL, , came through there in oct last year, went through orientation which i didnt think was too bad, just happy i got a job, hired on the 17th, sat 3 days after orientation waiting on truck, still not too bad considering, it started the first day i sat in the truck, got dropped in chattanooga to pick up truck, sat 4 days there in the truck waiting on load, keep in mind you dont get your orientation money until you actually accept your first load, so four days, on my dime which ticked me off but i let it go, afterall i needed to work, 4 weeks later i got home, after begging for 8 days, , left with nothing, they said we would be routed by the house to pick up our stuff, , didnt happen, i bounced in january, , the miles had fell so much that it was costing me money to work for them, so i had to do what i had to do, they are extremely disrespectful, the office ppl fail to recognize who pays the bills, , i argued daily with these ppl, finally had enough, i was down to -800 miles a week, just basically living in the truck, sure im not welcome back, when i quit, i deadheaded from Harrisburg PA to the house, waited 2 days and went to confront them, i went to the front desk at the north lot asked for larry, , mind u, me and this guy had it out on phone day earlier, he said i could go to hell and i was a piece of sh** and other comments, so i decided to go see him, as soon as i told him who i was he proceeded to call murrays finest, keep in mind im 6'5 250 pounds, , dont think he knew who he was talking to, needless to say i didnt get the last 700 miles or so outta them and am still looking for work but anything is better than PTL

  • Wo
      16th of Aug, 2009
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    I just came back from Murray, Ky. PTL Recruiter told me they were going to find me an empty trailer
    to take to Murray from home. I am an owner operator, In the class there was 4 owner operators all from different places and no one came with an empty trailer to orientation. So the empty trailer to arientation to pay You to get there is BS. When You get there they treat You like crap, like You owe them something. They are mean and seem not to care about any one. I was there for one and a half Days and witness about 3 owner operators who quit. I spoke with them and they all told me the same about the company. They all said the Company do not care about Drivers, they just care about making money and that is it. They told me about the empty and loaded miles pay is all BS because they do not want to run You empty. If they do not have a load available near after You Drop, You will sit and wait for as long they want You to wait. They told me they can not run more than 1800 miles in 7 Days, so You do the math. I also spoke with a few company drivers and non of them seem happy. PTL hires about 40 to 50 student driver per week Year round, this is probably double the trucks they own. So this means they can not keep anyone working for them. I spent $700.00 in fuel going to and coming back from Murray but I am glad I did not sing on with them. Everything they tell You over the phone is a lie. Even if this was the last trucking company standing alive. I have never seen a Company that lies to You as such large scale. I will never work for them, I will rather quit trucking at all. Even if this is Your
    last choice for a Company to work for, DO NOT DO IT!!! Change career.

  • Re
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I really don't understand all the crazy people on here, I have been driving for PTL for years now, and I have to say overall...I am very happy here. Do I have bad days..yes, do I have great days...yes. When I first started at PTL, I had a dispatcher I couldn't get along with at all, I asked to be put with another dispatcher and we get along great. There are ups and downs in the trucking industry, freight out the ###, then freight slowed. If you any knid of a truck driver you would know this...guess your not!!! I had a death in the family..not only did PTL get me home asap!!! But they also sent flowers on their behalf. How many companies have you worked for that cared that much!!! Especially one of that size. Is PTL the company for everyone NO, I ran into a driver at the home office lot, he was acting like a crazy person!!! Saying he wasn't getting but around 1500 mile per week, I found that strange since I had been getting around 3000 miles per week. So as I listened further I realized what was going see this driver said he had to be home every weekend home on fri. and out on mon. and PTL did that for u think he was satisfied...OH NO! He then wanted to blame PTL for his miles...see where I'm going with this guys????? If your like that driver...then NO, don't waste anybody time or money! If your willing to work and make a good living for you and your family then YES, call PTL...I DID and I LOVE IT HERE!!!

  • Mi
      6th of Jul, 2010
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  • Ch
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I did everything ptl ask me to do after driver totaled my truck and they still beat me out of 2k what I also found out was when I leased on they faxed me 15 pages to sign funny thing was they left a few pages of the actual lease agreement out I had no idea until later but the fax shows how many pages was sent and received so I have proof the pages was never sent so we will see what the court says.

  • Re
      10th of May, 2013
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    I currently work for ptl and i have to say that this company without a doubt is the worst, most dysfunctional company that i have ever seen, i get about 1200-1500 miles per week and when i talk to drivers services they point the finger at me as to why Im not getting any miles, saying that its my fault and giving me oname excuse after another, i requested a new fm 2 weeks ago and they still refuse to give me one, there are times when i have sat for 5 days with no pay bc they don't have any loads at the time. Please heed my warning, stay away from ptl or you will most certainly regret it.

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