Parts Geek, LLCstop, don't order from parts geek until you read this

Listen, don't listen that is to your buddy that says ordering from this place is okay. Look do you really want to order from someone that doesn't even have a phone you can call if you have a problem. Don't buy into that submit a ticket they do just to keep from facing you over the phone. That is a one way street and you don't need that in your life if you need your car fixed fast. Go to you local parts supplier look them in their face and tell them what you want, and if it is not right you don't have to wait two week to get another part or pay shipping for it to go back. They got me for $80.00 bucks. kuto's to you parts geek. I will spend the rest of my time on this earth telling everyone just what a lousy parts company you are.

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