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I am a patient that was seen last week (11/29/2018) for being sick. I had called back Friday to have a doctors note sent to me through mychart. After the first call I did not receive the note in my inbox on mychart. I then had to call three or four other times. I checked Saturday to see if it had shown up yet in which it did not. I called Saturday and the nurse I spoke with told me that there is nothing she could do about it and I would have to call back Monday. It is now Monday and I have called so many times waiting on hold for twenty or thirty minutes a time. The gentleman I spoke with swore that the letter was in my Mychart. I checked and it is still not there. I am not calling for what feels like my 100th time calling to get something as simple as a doctors note. I need this note not only for school but for work as well and it is critical I get it to those people. I am beyond frustrated with the lack of help from the staff I have spoken with. It seems as though no one knows what they are doing or how to do simple tasks such as getting a written letter to a patient that has requested it multiple times.

Dec 03, 2018

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