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I have used these for about a year, and all has gone well but this christmas I had parcels lost and damaged by yodel and city link, and parcel2go have been an absolute nightmare to deal with. They just keep saying they are looking into it or refusing to pay out.
I sent 10 parcels on one occasion insured at £20 3 were damaged to same address they would only pay on one of them as I am insured for £20 for all 10 parcels not individually, but If I booked them separately and pay exactly the same I would be insured £20 x 10. Didnt even get the postage cost back. So lost a lot of money.
Lost parcels are just a joke. Last one was we have found it, so not paying out, but when I started asking where it was they stopped replying to my emails and kept cutting me off from live chat.
No phone numbers to contact them. Trading standards looking into them now.
I usually let things ride but enough is enough, you have no come back with them. If your parcel gets delivered great if not say goodbye to it.

Jan 18, 2013
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      Oct 18, 2019

    Totally agree
    And what about their scam prepay scheme
    This prepay scheme seems a bit of a scam...there must be thousands of customers like me with £2-3 in their prepay account that they can never use unless they top up with £20, but then it goes back to the same situation again once a parcel is booked

    Worse than that, after 24months of inactivity the balance is LOST, well not actually lost, it goes into Parcel2go’s must make a small fortune from this...very immoral, even if it isn’t illegal...

    PayPal used to be bad like your prepay, used to charge to transfer a balance if below a certain amount, but finally they removed this and any amount can be transferred...about time your prepay scheme caught up and allowed any amount top up and no minimum to use towards a parcel delivery

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