Parcel2go.comno message for deaf people / then parcel lost / waited 3 months

The issue that I have experienced was : I ordered 3 months ago 5 boxes pick up from the UK to Spain.
I told them from the beginning that I was deaf and they need to text me or send an email to confirm the delivery cause I cannot phone or hear the door bell.
They never did anything, told me sorry the parcel is lost, then found then now definitely lost. I have an insurance and they want more proof of value while they made the mistake 1 - not to deliver while I paid for a 7 days delivery. 2 - they disrespected the fact that i was deaf by never contacting me by text or email. 3 - they think they can ask for more proof of value while it isnt in their values. I am asking for a fair refund, because I feel discriminated.
I moved from the UK to Spain and that is why the parcels cannot go back to my old place but anyway it is lost now. I have been fighting with them for 3 months.

Aug 09, 2018

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