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The user "Behnam_108" in Paltalk in the room called Emsal is super-admin. He gets angry over nothing, attacks on some users, swears heavily and bounce or bans them. Everyone is unhappy about his behaviour; a user even in Germany has lodged a defamation complain against him to the police. He accused of some crimes and banned me from the room over some normal conversation which he didn't like. He manipulates users and plays games and tries to sow some discords among users and makes them fight for him. This room is like a warzone when he is admin. He lies, distorts information and facts about the users and accuses them and says vilest things they have ever heard in their lives. I requested the paltalk to ban him from the platform. This guy singlehandedly making Paltalk Persian rooms look bad. Most users hate him but are hopeless what to do. paltalk hasn't taken any heed and this band this vile user continues to access the platform for his sick misuses.

Thank you,
Piruz and others

Jan 30, 2018

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