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A Nov 27, 2017

I would like to inform you of a disturbing situation which happened to my daughter while shopping at the PacSun, Windward Mall location. It occurred on Black Friday, Nov. 24, 2017 while shopping with her Aunt.
As they entered the store, one of the sales clerks pointed at her and whispered to the manager, Aaron Summers. He then looked at my daughter pointed and made a shooing motion with his hand as he walked toward them. When questioned by her Aunt as to why she was dismissed from the store, he told her my daughter was caught shoplifting at this store and accused her of shoplifting at two other stores in the mall. He also told her my daughter would have to leave the mall or she would be escorted off the property by the police. Needless to say, both my wife and I were concerned about these accusations.
The next day my wife went to the mall security with a photo of our daughter and asked if there were any records of her shoplifting. They had no reports, photos, or information about any actions by our daughter and she was not on their Trespass List. The security officer then went over their procedures for apprehending shoplifters and/or someone that is not allowed on the property. My wife explained our daughter's situation and was advised to make a harassment complaint with the police against the store manager.
I met my wife and daughter at the police station and explained our situation to the officer. He then offered to accompany us to the store, as a neutral party, to speak with the manager.
We arrived at the mall with the officer and mall security accompanied us to the store . When we spoke to the store assistant manager, she said that they had film of my daughter stealing. We asked if we could see it, she said no. The mall security asked why they were not notified of the shoplifting incident, she replied that they do not report it.
When the store manager, Aaron Summers arrived, he said that he personally caught my daughter stealing on 4 separate occasions and escorted her out of the store. When I asked if he filed a report with the mall security, he said "yes" which was contradictory of what the assistant manager had just told us. The mall security then said that they have no records of any such incidents involving our daughter. I asked Aaron if he had any dates or any of his own reports of these incidents and he said "no."
Having personally worked in retail for 10 years, I asked him what his store procedures are when someone is caught shoplifting. He replied that his job was just to "observe and report." If this is true, why are there reports or records of these alleged incidents? He said that PacSun corporate policy instructs him not to make any reports to security or the police for any theft under $250.
He then told me to go into my daughter's room, gather all her Brandy Melville clothes and find the receipts for all the items. Both my wife and I found that comment to be very offensive. I then told him that would not make any sense. When he said that he caught my daughter shoplifting, did he let her keep the merchandise? He had no reply. He continued to contradict himself about making reports and not having reports himself. He also said that he had film of my daughter but could not produce the tapes. Mr. Summers said that he was told by mall security that our daughter was not allowed in the mall but when asked for the name of who gave him this information, he could not recall.
After being told by mall security, that my daughter has no such records on file in the mall, he put the incompetency and blame of lack of record keeping on mall security.
Mr. Summers then asked us what we wanted out of our talks, saying if it's being able to shop in the store, that it was alright for my daughter to shop there. My wife told him that we wanted him to apologize to our daughter, which he did not.
The lies and false accusations by your store manager and employee, publicly embarrassed my daughter, and affected her and other members of our family. We regret that due to your manager's actions, will no longer patronize your store and will let others know how your employees have falsely accused and so easily slandered customers and seem to think it's acceptable.
It may be advisable to check the pilferage within your Windward Mall location. We know for a fact that there's an employee that works in this location that steals form the store. We all found it odd when your store manager said that the corporation's policies state anything missing or stolen under $250 is not reported. Even the police officer who accompanied us said he had just arrested a minor for shoplifting from another store, merchandise valued at $4.

I'm writing you as a concerned parent and previous frequent shopper of your store.

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