PacSunpoor customer service and faults accusation

I have 3 girls and purchase 3 pairs of NMD which my girls then seen another pair of shoes which made them change there mind on the mnd purchase we originally purchase the shoes a Brea Mall, but live in Fontana we try returning the shoes at Victoria Gardens and Carlos the store Manager store #703 cashier #510455 said since shoes were purchase at a higher end store we had to take them to another higher end store since his register did not have that kind of money to do the return since the shoes were paid in cash, we then had to wait another week since we are only off on Mondays we were shooping at Tyler Spectrum and Carlos the store manager was covering that store, once again he refused tbe return and said we had to return the shoe were they where originally purchase, once again waites another week till our next Monday off, went to Brea Mall werw the shoes were originally purchase and try to give us the run around, manager also denied the return since shoes were paid in cash they made a faults accusation and stated it was flag and could not return tne shoes, they got lucky the shoes were paid in cash and not on my credit card i would had takwn to my bank to despute for misleading there 60 day return policySee Top 10 Worst Companies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I will NEVER SHOP PACSUN again . Faults accusation and discrimination if i can take it to a higher level i will proceed and will be looking into it . Victoria Garden has horrible customer service starting with the store manager . Store # 703 cashier # 510455 I will continue to proceed.


May 16, 2017

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