PacSun / music playing in store

Back in August, my daughter and I were shopping for back to school clothes, the weekend before the beginning of school. We headed to the mall, as there were other things we were going to be shopping for. Normally, we choose to shop elsewhere. The mall was busy, as it was a Saturday. Your store was the first store we stopped in and she was looking specifically for jeans. As she headed to the dressing room, I couldn't help but hear the song that came on the overhead speakers. It was being sung by a female, and was not a song I had heard on the radio before. The subject matter was most definitely not suited for the demographic that was in your store at that time. There were sexual references, vulgarity and profanity that one would hear being spoken out on the street. As I looked around, I noted that there were families in your store. Families with young children, and of course, there were teenagers. I realize that a majority of high school kids speak this way in this day and age, but as a mother to teenage girls, I was disgusted that PacSun would have music like this piped in to the store. When my daughter came out of the dressing room, she hadn't found anything to her liking. I'm not sure I would have wanted her to purchase anything from your store at this point anyway, so we headed to the exit. As we were leaving, we had the only contact with a store employee and he asked us how was our visit. I took the opportunity to let him know my feelings. He apologized and stated that the music was on a loop and there was nothing he could do about it. He encouraged me to send a complaint. I appreciated his sincere concern. However, we will not be patronizing your store in the future. I will choose to take my daughters shopping at other stores that don't conform to society's standards of today. I have more self respect than that.
Thank you,
Marilee Cottrell

Nov 17, 2017

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