PacSun / cashier

Gulfport, MS, United States

I was at the Gulfport Premier Outlet's Pacsun this afternoon. I received my total of $49.13 and paid with a $100 bill. While the cashier joked around with a fellow employee, I didn't pay much attention and took my bag and receipt. After leaving the store for maybe 5 minutes, I noticed that I was never given change. In fact, my receipt showed that I only paid $49.13. I called and while the manager wasn't entirely helpful, he did agree to check the register. Upon returning he saw that the register had an extra $50 and gave me the change without apology or explaining why my receipt showed that I paid such a lesser amount. When I said that I was owed $51 instead of the actual $50 I was handed, he became rude because "that is all that our register shows missing". I left the store, once again, without correct change or an apology. While the $1 is obviously not an issue, the fact alone that an incompetent cashier shorted me $51 because he was joking around with his coworker instead of paying attention to his job and little remorse was shown from any party in the store makes it difficult to ever want to return.

Jun 17, 2017

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