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I Purchased through your website ( Expedia) this alleged hotel ‘OYO Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’ which does NOT exist!

The photo’s on-line are entirely False not of a OYO property but of another Hotel called ‘Royal... ­’ and the address given on their website and google search etc simple Does Not Exist for this bogus false hotel.

I had travelled three flights lasting some 16 hours from the UK and was told it was only a Kilometre to this false hotel, ending up walking miles enquiring at hotels along the way trying to communicate with staff that could not understand English on the way totally exhausted with my fellow passenger and friend attempted to locate our Hotel.

At the Prescott hotel they tried to help by contacting OYO on their ‘Customer service’ phone line. We tried earlier at another hotel and the OYO ‘customer service’ refused us help. They failed to take Your Itinerary code you gave us and my personal name and details etc.

At the Prescott hotel the staff called OYO ‘customer service’ finally they found my Booking and said firstly and I quote said at OYO “The hotel your are staying at name had changed name to ‘Lotus Hotel’ at Little India Brickyards 250 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickyards. And you need to go there!”..

The Lotus Hotel Little India Brickyard ( 250 Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickyards) at the other end of the street a long walk was a shadow of the place we Booked with OYO through Expedia.

Nothing what so ever Like the Pictures on Your Website and even Google search!

Also they unlike your Website and Our Reservation gave had and Offered No Breakfast because they do not have a Cafeteria, and No restaurant Nothing as our booking I paid for stated we would indeed have!

WE made exhausted efforts at the Hotel Lotus upon arrival with staff to call OYO (OYO have a small sign on this Lotus hotel) OYO refused to take any responsibility what so ever washing their hands of this Grossly Misleading booking with us.

Then they tried later to make an excuse to say they tried contacting me on my old home phone number which has not existed since our looking as You were made aware with Numerous phone calls to your staff over a flight mess up with you over a name earlier.
I have been on the phone in the past with Expedia for over 6 hours in to past over two days over a flight. However OYO have bombarded me with Emails with offers etc and have my email account most certainly for their advertising!
They suggested they called my old phone number??? But never emailed me once they now allege “had to change my booking” to this far, far lesser hotel in quality and conditions you advertised. A hotel that is not a fraction in condition and quality and services to what I paid for on Your website.

Incidentally ‘Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’ Does Not exist the picture OYO and you use the staff at the Hotel Lotus tracked down was called once “Royal ...” something, and Your Website and Google search still use this Bogus hotel of ‘Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’ and the False pictures of another hotel to sell this Bogus hotel that simple does not exist as ‘Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’!

After talking to the manager who actually owns the Lotus Hotel the next morning on 1st December 2016 we are forced to stay at who was Very angry to start with us who also called the OYO so called ‘Customer service’ with us found out that they Falsely moved us into his hotel a hotel that is nowhere as comparable in anyway to this bogus ‘Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’ which does not exist with the false and misleading pictures they used of another hotel! Further the conditioned I booked under such as a included Breakfast does not nor ever has existed at his Lotus hotel! He told the OYO so called ‘customer service’ they were very wrong to send us to his hotel.

Not being able to phone Expedia on your UK number abroad from this hotel that the assistant manager etc said at the Lotus has NO international phone call ability only Local phone numbers we were stuck in this Lotus hotel we did not Book that is entirely different to the hotel You advertised at Expedia and what is shown and advertised to this day!

Again this Bogus ‘Premium Brickfields Gandhi’s Kuala Lumpur’ does Not exist and the Pictures described are from an entirely different Hotel some place else one OYO do not have to offer customers! Meanwhile WE are stuck in this far different and uncomfortable hotel until the 18th December 2016 without breakfast.

OYO give nothing but false and misleading information and nothing that is the truth with our booking in Kuala Lumpur!


Dec 06, 2016

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