Oxmoor Toyota Scionabusive sales techniques

Tr Louisville, KY Review updated:

I have made complaints with: Toyota's National Customer Center, the BBB, and the State Attorney General; I am not done...)

1st Complaint:

The deal was unscrupulous
They were dishonest: They lied to me, they tried to intimidate me, then they bullied me to try and keep a deal closed all the way.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Louisville, KYThis deal is not legal or good: and should be deemed null and void
2nd Complaint:
It was not a fair and legal business transaction:
The bottom line is that they are selling products not disclosed
They mishandled my paperwork: financial institution was not honored; they continuously changed the financial #’s (money) No warranty; yet it is still under factory warranty…no paperwork showing certified; yet was assured it had been
Offer: 13, 595
Bank: 14, 423.12 (final amount to be financed)
Contract: 15, 0003.12
Very deceitful: It was not a fair and legal business transaction
(They have had 59 processed complaints w/the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 yrs)
ATTENTION: Stay away from Oxmoor Toyota!!!
------ Especially if you are female -------
They wil lie, intimidate, and bully you so they can make a sale...
Then they will make you feel as though you are the stupid one...
-------- DO NOT BUY FROM OXMOOR TOYOTA -----------

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  • Le
      Jul 12, 2009

    i just bought a ohio made Pontiac g5 and i love it so far...i live in NH and dealer was great with no hassles or pressure...domestic cars are very good now, consider one of them...leo NH

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  • Mi
      Jul 24, 2009

    Truly Annoyed,

    Don't give in!! They are now 'trying' to do follow ups with customers
    It is too late for that!!

    They will continue with their sketchy sales practices until we stand up to them
    Best of luck in your fight.

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  • Tr
      Aug 01, 2009

    Oxmoor has responded to one of my online complaints.
    They are stating that I am logging in under different e-mails and making the same complaint. This is a lie!!!

    They are trying to erase my online complaints.
    If they had taken me seriously when I first had an issue: the day of the sale, then I would not feel the need to let others' know how poorly I have been treated.

    Also, they are stating that I spoke to the General Manager: I was never introduced to to my knowledge, never had a conversation with him. The day I went to look at the car, I had informed the sales person that I had found one somewehere else...this is when he started to 'negotiate' the price of his car with me.

    I have no idea who this John Boardman is...he was never mentioned as someone I could discuss my issues with.
    My statements on how I have been treated by this dealership are accurate, and can be substantiated.

    I have come in contact with other customers who have been treated in the same disrespectful manner. I have not posted anything fraudulent!!
    - Truly Annoyed

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