Orchard Apartments Inc / Horrible People! Rude and very Disorganized Apartment

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This is the worst apartment you would ever come across in your entire life of renting apartments.
This people are disorganized and very rude. The current superintendent Joanna Perbsek is a rude and horrible person with no sense of decency. She is a liar and a very bad person. She lies about even the most mundane of things. I am very disappointed. They need to hire more people so they can be more efficient. I am disgusted at Joanna's behaviour and appalled by the low level of professionalism this people display.
The entire family that runs this apartment are horrible people. I would not advice anyone to get an apartment with them. They will drive you crazy with their unprofessional, lying and procrastinating attitude. Save yourself the trouble and rent somewhere else.

Sep 15, 2014
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  • Cy
      Sep 18, 2014

    Don`t ever rent from Ayre & Oxford either. They are mostly in Alberta but could be any where in the country. Their apartments are full of bedbugs, mice and black mold. They are also racist. They don`t tell new tennants about the bedbug problems so when the new tennant moves in, they have to put up with the problems from before. Then Ayre & Oxford has the nerve to ``blame`` the new tennants for these problems.

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  • Co
      Nov 03, 2014

    Sorry to bother but I think we are dealing with the same people and same name company... The owners names are John and Jean (Eugenia) Perebzak they disguise as property managers or other stuff ... they have buildings in Hurontario too, Etobicoke, Toronto and even in USA... it seems they are doing this for long and "getting away with murder" They love to be rude and harass the tenants specially if they are not "Canadians". Suggestion: report to 311 _ Miss By-law Enforcement officer, and contact Legal Aid you don't have to pay for that... Make sure to keep a log of everything and make sure to take pictures trust me in that... does make a difference.

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