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Orange Model Management / A Good Scam

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

My fiance started with Orange a few months ago and has had 1 actual job... He paid out tons of money to this company and they are not at all working for him.

They refuse to send his portfolio to him unless HE pays for it to be couriered when the contract clearly states that OMMI will absorb courier costs. The woman managed to slip through that one changing the service to regular mail and saying they don't use a courier.. Ok.. Why is it in the contract?

Secondly he has emailed them multiple times. He asked for his talent report they send him a BLANK .gif Image file, yes a blank... 2.0kb white background nothing else.

While they are not hard to get a hold of, getting a straight answer or the correct information is like pulling teeth from a rabid animal.

OMMI makes it money from selling services to the models, not from actually getting them work. Do not expect any work from them but expect to pay out tons of money and waste your time.

I researched complaints against OMMI and the amount of negative feedback I see from them says WALK AWAY. Most people have never gotten any work after spending over $1000 on services.

Aspiring models PLEASE do your research, and do it well before EVER signing with ANY agency. OMMI is one to avoid among many others.

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  6th of Nov, 2009
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Orange is a legit Toronto agency.

As a photographer I have worked with clients like Scotia bank, Guinness, Unitron, OLG, Bell, RBC, Rogers, McDonald and I can tell you Orange Model Management is one of the Top commercial/ fashion agencies in Toronto. Their models work internationally.

Agencies don't work for free. Sometimes models pay some fees, (prints, transportation, etc) especially when they get started and have a book to build. Depends on the case.

If you sign with an agency and don’t get audition or you are unable to book jobs, it means you're not what the casting director is looking for. That is not your agency's fault.

  5th of Jan, 2010
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I would just like everyone to know that Orange models Toronto is in NO WAY a scam. I have been with them for almost a year now, I have been in China on a 70 day contact and now I traveling to Greece in Feb for 2 months, all because of Orange. My experience with them has been amazing.


  14th of Apr, 2010
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industryprofessional... - Sorry I am posting under my new account since my email was hacked awhile back.

Ok so. The models are not told to go out with orange, actually they are told to sit and wait for submission reports that never come or come as blank documents... So it would be the agencies fault as it is not including the model in its campaign to find work.

Orange is FAR from the TOP agency. Its more of a photo mill, and I have investigated it. You say your an industry professional and I will not refute that your are a photographer... But sorry if you expect me to believe that as a photographer you have the knowledge of the inner workings of a specific agency your not only fooling me your fooling yourself. You get a job, you get paid, you do it and move on.. THATS your job. Your job does not in ANY way involve the agency beyond that.

lisaa.. I see a similar post on EVERY complaint against orange. I wouldnt doubt that if you even manage to get a job you may get noticed. Even if your working for a scam you could get noticed, and I sincerely hope everyone does and MOVES ON from photo mills.

  12th of May, 2010
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Orange model is legit.

  15th of May, 2010
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I totally agree they are 100 percent legit.

check our their blog or you tube channel to see the kind of jobs these guys have done. Really amazing...

If you are unable to click on the link please copy paste the links into your browser and see it for yourself. Their models book local and International jobs what else is an agency suppose to do? Just because you seemingly had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that everyone else did. Some people are happy. Just because you were not able to book a job does not mean your agency never tried, an agencies job is to submit you for possible projects and the rest depends on the casting director or producer to select you for that specific role. I think that Orange Models is a very good company to become a model or actor/actress.

  1st of Oct, 2010
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I've registered with OMMI and I've been disappointed ever since. I was basically told by one of their agents that they take everyone that tries to register with them. So much for the ego boost I thought I was getting from being called by them. They charge you an expensive opening fee, give you pictures, tell you that they are submitting you for parts, but it is very hard, to know when you ask them, which part they are submitting you for.
When you start wondering why you are not getting any parts, they try to tell you that you are not being selected because you don't have enough experience. Not all media jobs require experience. The thing is that several of their models don't have experience and it seems that it is only a few lucky ones that are working. the rest is there ... to help pay the rent !!!
What saddens me is when they meet you before registering, they give you the impression that you are an addition to their team, you have the looks to do all sorts of projects, they tell you about all the wonderful things their models do, when in fact they know that they will never give you any work.

  22nd of Apr, 2011
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The only serious modelling agencies in montreal are:
Dulcedo Models Management
Folio Models Management
Next Models Mangement
Montage Models Management
Specs Models Management
Avoid the other ones, they are not ''real modelling agencies''. They are only there for ''wanne be'' models who wants so much to be a model but just can't because they don't have the physic and are ready to do anything to actually think they are a model. Try to integrate an artist agency instead!

  8th of Jan, 2013
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Sorry to agree but it is a scam. I recently went to see them and ended up signing. Took pictures with one of the photographers that they praised and I disliked. He put on my makeup non flattering- he lined the inside of my eyes and they came out red . I'm not bragging but I've been told I am a good looking girl and the pictures came out like crap. He combed my hair into a frizz ball . Just completely unprofessional and I paid over $700. Just so upset. No go sees, nothing. Learn from my mistake please !!!

  1st of May, 2013
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  16th of Jan, 2014
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I don't understand why poeple are spending there time making fasle accusation. probably people that work for other agency's . All agency's have up and down. Scam agency usually close after one or two years. I know A LOT about all agencies
in Montreal. Orange do not charges 1000$ or even 700$ like (vanessaalba and pissoffmodel2) and this
can be verify they are scam not orange. They reject most of the people that apply too !!! Let me now talk about
the comment of Jul1193 only this agencys are good ? Yes they are good I agree and they have there things
Dulcedo use to never pay there models for the job they did, they work a bit on that even last year a meet
models pist off and leaving the agency without there pay check really good right ? Folio ! lately almost half of
there models left the agency this is a lot of models !! unhappy !!! bad management higher Charge FEES.
Next ? most of the models never step foot in montreal... Local models don`t stay long there.Montage
nothing to say ! Specs probably surviving because of coco rocha they are charging 500$+ for portfolio

It`s what I have to say

  23rd of Feb, 2014
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I had the opportunity to work at Orange Model Management as a intern for about 6 months which gave me invaluable insight on how a modeling agency operates. From fashion shows to commercials, music videos, promo work I was able to get hands on experience by helping the senior booking agent on day to day tasks.

The team would try their to help their models and manage all project inquires on daily basis. We were three interns and everyone had the opportunity to give feedback and discuss work progress which I felt had a real impact.

I am sad to see negative reviews about them. All I have to say is, they are great people & a lovely work environment.

  24th of Apr, 2014
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Great people to work with!

I used to be with Anita Norris models paid for two different shoots, they also made me pay a few thousands for the Canadian Model & Talent Convention and still got no where. I have been with Orange for a few months have attended numerous auditions and landed a non paying fashion show. Exactly what I was looking for.

  24th of Nov, 2015
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I am a model at Orange Model Management Inc. and i love these guys.

They are professional, they actually care about me. Yes i did pay for printing of my photos but it did pay off with the jobs i got.

I did many jobs like music videos, prints and fashion shows and i had a lot of fun with orange models, i met new people and i made lots of connections. I am a student and i was not available so much during school hours but during summer and winter breaks i did all the jobs and auditions they threw at me and i had fun, i gained a lot of experience while being with orange. I am very passionate with this therefore i went to everything they gave me, they trusted me that i was going to attend so i was receiving a lot of phone calls and emails.

  5th of Jan, 2017
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@SocialBird its not professional... they should take out the costs of the head shots and card from your first pay check but instead expect you to pay... that's how you know its bull in my opinion... notice how other company's just hire you, if you qualify. ;) i just sent them an email saying, , , , why dont you take the expenses out of my first pay check... lol no response yet

  12th of Feb, 2016
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My experience has been Great! Respected name in the fashion industry, so the experience looks great on your resume. Small team, so you get to work closely. I have done some hair shows, promo events and TFP's which are great for my portfolio.

  8th of Mar, 2016
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I had to pay money orange models is a huge scam. My agent never did his job properly tipu never replied to any of my calls. Don't be dumb like I was keep ur money an run.

  27th of Jun, 2016
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I been to Orange modelling agencies and I can tell it's a complete scam. Just take my woRd for it. I'm not going to give into details on why I came up to the conclusion .

  8th of Jul, 2016
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Highly professional agency that really looks after their talent!

  11th of Jul, 2016
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Definitely not a scam, my daughter has been with this company for about 3 years and is doing great

  10th of Feb, 2017
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I would like to point out that everyone here defending them has made comments only on Orange model posts.

I would definitely not go with them. I get agencies have fees but they say you have to pay $500-$600 for comp cards? They don't cost nearly that much to print.
I get that it is difficult to find a legit agency but real agencies don't have so many negative comments calling it a scam

  2nd of Apr, 2017
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Hi everyone, I would like to know more about OMMI. If you had an experience with them please answer to this message and we'll get in touch! thanks

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