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Ontario Energy Board / Harassment from misrepresented door salesman

1 London, Ontario, Canada

A representative showed up at more door stating that he needed to inspect my furnace, air conditioner and pipes leading to those units to ensure that they are compliant with new government standards. Upon my question who he worked for and what the consequences were if mine were deemed non compliant. I was informed that I had to let him in as if I didn't my property would be "retagged" and have its gas cut off for my family's safety. Asked if I had heard of certain area families that had died due to carbon monoxide poisoning. At this point he asked where my ac unit was and proceeded to attempt to walk in. As a delay I told him where the outside unit was and he read the label at the back of the unit. I entered into a discussion with him regarding reliance vs national and previous scams that have circulated in the neighbourhood. At that point it was cold and I entered the back entrance to my house in which he followed. He then proceeded to head towards the basement and I stopped him telling him I wasn't giving him permission to examine anything in my house. He proceeded to question my hydro and gas bills about getting me released from previous locked in programs. Stating we could qualify for a free upgrade furnace unit and our bills would be reduced to 50 dollars a month. He was so far off base with that when I called him on it he didn't know how to respond. I demanded a number to call and that he was to leave my house immediately. Meanwhile my husband was calling an associate to see what was up and at that point we almost had to remove him with force. He wouldn't take no for an answer and said we were to comply or someone else would just show up at my door. At that point I called the number he gave me which was a private cell number. I hung up only to have it call me back. It turned out to be the manager of the region and of the sales person that came to the door. He apologized and told me that the young man acting outside the company's guidelines and was not allowed to say what he was saying. I believe that to be a cover up as previous complaints have read the same statements. The end of the conversation had him asking for my name which I wouldnt give him but gave my address for removal from their solicitation list. His advice was to put a note on my door. I will call the police the next time and to be honest should have while this person was here. He threatened to have my gas shut off and implied that I was putting my family in harm by exposing them to carbon monoxide. I was and am still very angry that this is being allowed.

Apr 28, 2015

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