Online ParamedicHorrible Quality with no Real Instruction

This place provides absolutely horrible service. There is no actual instruction. They give you a bunch of powerpoints and say, there you go, this is your Paramedic school. Would you want the Paramedic showing up to your or your family member's medical emergency to have "learned" by just reading powerpoints? This place is a step up from finding a Paramedic card in a cereal box.

On top of that, they charge you more than some real Paramedic programs out there to do their online program.

Some of the people running the place are also grossly under-qualified. One in particular has the idiotic notion the putting AAS after their name somehow gives them more clout. Way to aim for the middle. An AAS doesn't even qualify you to teach elementary school, but apparently at PERCOM, that is more than enough credentials to run an entire program.

Feb 15, 2015

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