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One Stop Motors / Great Service

1 NV, United States Review updated:

I am a current happy employee at One Stop Motors, and I have not been instructed by anyone to write this. I am not in sales so writing this has no benefit on my paycheck I just have read some posted blogs by some former employees who were let go for very good reasons. I think it’s amazing the amount of time a person will put into trying to destroy a reputable company’s reputation. I think that says a lot about one’s character, and possible problems of employing such a person. I see One Stop Motor employees doing their best to provide the best method of advertising to sell your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat or Aircraft Online. I truly believe in what we do here is a beneficial service we offer our customers, especially in this struggling economy of ours.
Since I started working here at I have seen and experience many positive things in the way CEO Rob Wilder, COO Ray Spears, and Sales Manager Glenn Johnson treat their Employees and the lengths they will go to keep them. There hasn’t been one time when I need something or had a question or concerns about anything that they weren’t there to listen and take action. Most people do or at least should realize you can’t please everyone all the time whether it’s an Employee or a Customer…. Sometimes people expect the impossible. But let me say that One Stop Motors goes above and beyond to satisfy both. Thanks Again to Rob, Ray and Glenn for your Support.
I invite anyone to share their positive experience about One Stop Motors. People are quick to talk bad about anyone and the satisfied are usually pretty silent. – Ted Garfield

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  • Mi
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Dear Ted,

    I can tell you I am an ex-employee. I worked for OSM for 3 years, I know you have not been there maybe 6-8 months and if you are on the sales floor you have no idea what goes on in CS, they are not the reputable company you may think they are. They scan the internet for people selling their vehicles, they don't pay an hourly wage, they are commission base pay only ( they offer 250.00 a week as long as you get one sale and are at work on time and come back from breaks on time, they even have someone walk around the room 4 times a day to make sure everyone is in their seats on the phone) it is a "boiler room". And as for they are willing to help you, only if it benefits them. As for Rob, Ray and especially Glenn, they are all drug addicts. Rob has been in jail for having drugs on him, Ray has been accused of being on drugs and fired the person who seen him in a drug deal, and Glenn has been let go 4 times in the post year and a half for being to messed up to work, and he will tell any client anything it takes to close the sale. Ray Slept with Robs girlfriend of 6 years, Glenn got Ray the job, and they have been in rehab together ( that's where they met) and Rob controls Glenns bank account and now Rob is messing around with Rays sister. Wow What a company!!! I was very high up in the company and can assure you everything I am posting, have posted or will post is 100% true !!! I am happy that Ray let me go, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, I no longer have to lie to clients, I don't have to be afraid to answer the phone, and it has shown me what kind of company to not work for !!!
    If Rob would get rid of the ones making his business be this way he has a very good business plan, it is the people he chooses to surround him self with and let have control in his company !!!

  • Do
      20th of Nov, 2009
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    I worked there myself for not more than a couple of days. I was not let go but walked out after I saw what was going on. Everyone who works there knows it is a scam or they are blind idiots!

    In any case what other legit companies the size of one stop motors has so many pissed off former employees? Why is there so many complaints online and with the BBB (they have an F rating there)? Why is it that the results they promise are all lies? Why do they ignore craigslist rules by soliciting people who clearly marked they did not wish for such and why have they been investigated and fined by the FTC?

  • Qu
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    I'm not an employee or former employee I am a customer that has been robbed blind, but believe you me that I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that I get my money back plus interest plus all the stress you have put me and my family through. When I'm done with this company you better believe me when I say you will not have a job because I've already been putting complaints with everyone and I won't stop until they shut this place down!!! I'm demanding that it gets closed immediately!!!

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